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Hey, does anyone know approx. how much it costs to make a full suit of armor out of fiberglass will all the padding and whatnot?
well that all depends how much your going to use....i would make it out of cardboard 1st then back it with fiberglass
fiberglass? yes make sure that you make it alittle thick, but test it out 1st do a few rounds
Ebay. something like this.

My NAS suit is fiberglass and works fine against paintballs. Gotta watch the weight factor though. The armor can get pretty heavy.
That is perfect. And weight isn't much of a factor. Being a fireman, I have to wear pretty heavy gear and still move fast.
i may not be a fireman but im a varsity wrestler at my school so im used to weight and im in the same boat as you weight is not an issue and paintballing / airsoft are 2 of my fav things
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