COVID-19 & Conventions - a special message


405th Regiment Officer
In light of what is currently considered a pandemic around the globe and in our own territory, I ask everyone to keep your head held high because we will get through this and soon it will be all a bad memory. In the meantime play it safe by social distancing, by self quarantining if you feel sick, by washing your hands, and by coughing and sneezing into your elbow or into your shirt. Besides all of what was just mentioned be safe, the world can get crazy, you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

I have also decided instead of constantly posting new dates on the forum, the Colonial Regiment will be posting all the up to date information we have on the Colonial Regiment's Twitter. Once things have settled and the conventions have either canceled or rescheduled, we will continue to plan for those conventions on the forums. Have patience with us as well as the convention runners, we are all doing our best in this time of crisis.


405th Regiment Officer
All members this would be a good time to stay away and work on your projects. New members I can still help you get rolled into regiment and assist you on a pre-deployment check still if you need it. If there is anything you need from me don’t be afraid to reach out to me or any of our regiment staff.

Stay safe, stay healthy, see you in the summer.


Division Scheduler and Keeper of Con Lists
Division Staff
Community Staff
And as always, I will update the cons list as best as I can as soon as I get the final decisions on all cons that have yet to cancel or postpone their respective events.
Be safe everyone.