Cpl YapFlip's Weeaboo Adventures | 2020 - Part 1: Kyoukai no Kanata

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Since my post count is woefully below my reaction count, I'm trying to find ways to start conversations (since I've very awkward about jumping into on going ones)
So I'm starting a series on my non-Halo cosplays, Cpl YapFlip's Weeaboo Adventures~~!

For 2020 my goal is to make cosplaying into a S T R E S S F R E E hobby, which means no con-crunching, no fussing about not having all of my details completed yet etc.
It also means, at least for the first half of con season--that I'm mostly planning on buying costumes and then making additions. I bought a handful of costumes on aliexpress--with no con in mind, so that it doesn't matter when they show up.

First up: Mirai Kuriyama from Kyoukai no Kanata (aka Beyond the Boundary).

I binged this show about a year after it came out, one sitting--loved it. Barely remember any of it as a result, but oversized sweaters and adorable girls in glasses who wield magical swords made of their own blood. What's not like?


I've been playing around with the desire to cosplay this little spirit world warrior for a while, somewhere on a list of props TurboCharizard was once going to try and accomplish in one year Mirai's sword is listed. But if I'm buying the costume, I may as well work on the sword myself.

Johnny Junkers shared his quick build way back when as well, so I'm thinking of binging the show again and scaling out my blood sword before my costume has even shipped out.
I like. big. weapons and I can't deny.

I tried finding some figures to do my scaling off of and unfortunately all the ones with a good view of the sword--Mirai is crouching or bending in some fashion. Darn them using dynamic posing for things they're trying to make money off of :rolleyes: I googled some of the premade swords around as well just to see what kind of length people are selling with no mind for scale-- mostly 90-100cm (35-40inches in cheeto)
I did do a quick scale using a screen shot from the show, and it came up similar to the premade BUYNOWBUYNOW swords.
Tomorrow I think I'll go swish some different length sticks around--perhaps with the power of God and Anime on my side, and decide if I want those extra few centimeters.

Next time on Dragon Ball: Vector the Sword, Find the Materials
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