crackhead09's Pepakura Tutorial

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by crackhead09, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. crackhead09

    crackhead09 Well-Known Member

    This is a video to help out with our new members

    Tell me what you guys think. ive never done a tutorial before and i hope this helps with anyone having trouble
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  2. Robogenisis

    Robogenisis Well-Known Member

    Ok, I watched part of it. Here are my criticisms so far.

    1. I think you might have meant 30 CENTIMETERS. 30mm seems kind of small. I'd have just said "A ruler or straight edge".
    2. I'd have also said DF4L's full name.
    3. Lighting could be better.
    4. Maybe have everything set up in a well lit room on a table.
    5. You might also list some of the other methods available. Like hot glue, super glue, elmers glue, or rubber cement, and the X-acto knife or pen and ruler methods. I personally freehand it with the X-acto knife. I also use elmers glue.
  3. Spartas Phalanx

    Spartas Phalanx Jr Member

    Very well made. Just some criticisms, Need more light which i think is the most major issue, and you could have made the speed part twice as fast. Otherwise its good
  4. crackhead09

    crackhead09 Well-Known Member

    thanks for the constructive critsism well i could reupload the video with the brightness turned up a little if that would help

    and the reason why i said 30mm is because thats what it says on my ruler and for some reason its space apart like centimeters. so im a little confused with the metric system

    and i change the first post so the vid plays on first post

    and yea i see what you guys mean about speeding it up oh and is the music a good idea or a no no?
  5. cholo71796

    cholo71796 Jr Member

    In my opinion, I think it's fine. The only problem with it is that the music randomly changes volume levels. By the way, love that song, haven't heard it in ages...
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  6. crackhead09

    crackhead09 Well-Known Member

    i turned it up during the speed parts to keep people from being bored
  7. Descended Life

    Descended Life New Member

    awsome vid and helm! I gotta use DF4L helm like u did and its real smooth(i have it somewhere in my files) . I never thought of using elmers since i use Krazy glue since im impatient and want a quick bond along glueing my fingers together ^.^

    Also um u use the sharp end of the X-Acto knife to score but light slide the line right? Because i just use my fingers with no knife since i do origami a bit and the lines for me makes it easier for me to fold.

    i saw a kitty!
  8. crackhead09

    crackhead09 Well-Known Member

    with an xacto knife you should lightly slice the paper so it bends in one direction and it looks cleaner too
  9. Descended Life

    Descended Life New Member

    oh okedokey TY ill use that from now on
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  10. Twitchfmx8811

    Twitchfmx8811 Well-Known Member

    I myself prefer to use pens but I hear exacto gets real good folds too. Oh and alittle cutting tip. When cutting with scissors, cut in straight lines. Like if your cutting out a tab part make 3 cuts and not one continuous one. It can make folding alot easier and you wont round off any parts.
  11. rvb4life

    rvb4life Well-Known Member

    i did this kind of thing in the noob forum. check it out, it cleans up on parts that you missed.

    but, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth...well....32 pictures per second :p

    like everyone said, the lighting sucks, and hot glue is preferred.

    check my sig for the link.

    otherwise, nice job!
  12. luketrocity

    luketrocity Member

    I used pens until I tryed the xacto knife method. Trust me, it saves a ridiculous amount of time.
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  13. Twitchfmx8811

    Twitchfmx8811 Well-Known Member

    Yea thinking about it now... I tried the xacto on one piece and it seemed to take about the same amount of time. The pens may even be faster for me considering Im paranoid about cutting something off to I went slower. But its just my preferred method and its working for me. Guess as long in the end its halo armor doesnt matter how you got there. :p
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  14. rvb4life

    rvb4life Well-Known Member

    but with pens you dont have to worry about killing the knife blade, its just for cutting.

    use 1 color to save time too, its what i do :D
  15. crackhead09

    crackhead09 Well-Known Member

    the pen idea i tried out before but i didnt like how it just help bend the peper instead of a sharp edge its jsut preference's i guess
  16. tlither

    tlither Well-Known Member

    I use a seam ripper to score my folds. you don't have to flip the piece over and it won't cut through the sheet unless you get completely crazy. Not sure but I think I saw that tip on another site. Has worked great for me. Just bend in the correct direction after you score it. A seam ripper is about $1 at Walmart.
  17. Rowinish

    Rowinish Jr Member

    Ohhh use a strait edge and cut out the sepret parts with the sisors I just do it all with an x-zacto blade :D
    Great tutorial!
  18. FinnishSpartan

    FinnishSpartan Well-Known Member

    Lol.... it's 30Centimeters... 30mm is 3 centimeters...
    But ill give you a quick lesson on how the metric system works... it's not confusing really... inches are confusing...


    ------------------------------ How it works...

    So as you can see it always multiplies by 10...

    it's very simple.

    As for inches i think it's very confusing... o_O

    1 foot = 12 inches
    1mile = 5280 feet


    EDIT: Your using FISKARS scissors? :)
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  19. CPU64

    CPU64 Well-Known Member

    Yes, metric system rules.. Why is the US stuck on this crappy outdated standard system I don't know. :D

    Anyway, I don't need anything to fold paper. For tabs, I just bend them over the edge of my ruler. A thumb press is all it takes. Fold is done!
  20. rvb4life

    rvb4life Well-Known Member

    because (and its like bush said) Childrens do learn, from the things on the internets, and our crappy schools dont teach metric system.

    man, our country sucks big *la-dee-dah* :rolleyes
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  21. Spartan 118

    Spartan 118 New Member

    For some one like me who has been here close to the begining, and never done a model... you sir, are my hero :)

    Your vids are going to be very helpfull.
  22. crackhead09

    crackhead09 Well-Known Member

    thank you and the fiberglass vid is up!
  23. Ace Sorou

    Ace Sorou New Member

    What kinda paper did you use? I'm using printer paper.
  24. crackhead09

    crackhead09 Well-Known Member

    you need to use 110Ib cardstock otherwise itll warp when you fiberglass it
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  25. spartan g167

    spartan g167 New Member

    thanks for the tutorial...only problem is i cant get the pep files to print...or get them in the right format.please help me out,im looking for the eod pep file.if you would be kind enough to e-mail them to me in photoshop,microsoft word,or paint readible format,that would be great!im at . :D
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