Crafting or Carving foam

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Bad Blood

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Anyone know where i can get giant blocks of foam so i can carve it?
or just any where i can get a some decent size carving foam.
i was hoping it would cheap too :p
i was planning on carving it and then probably give it an outer coating of fiberglass resin or something
couldnt find any on the forums and if this thread is in the wrong section plz tell me
ty for your help in advance
oh.. woops must've missed that :shock:

ty sean
jebus thats expensive lol
maybe im better taking mat boards and cutting them up like cardboard and stickin resin in them XD
Sean Bradley wrote:

I have lucked out because there is a company near me that manufacturers high density foam. I contacted them and asked if I could have some of their scrap, and was able to get everything I needed for much less that it would have cost me outright. Look in your Yellow Pages for 'Specialty Insulation Products' and make some calls. Maybe theres a similar company near you.

It's expensive, but that the cost of taking these kinds of shortcuts. Less time = more money.

However if you can strike up a deal with a company near you that manufactures this stuff, they throw away TONS of scrap that is completely useful.
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