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Pep File Hosting

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I have some web space available and had a crazy idea... What if we put all (or a majority) of the pep files in one place?

I think this would be a great convenience to everyone who is interested in doing Pep Armor. I think it would (hopefully) eliminate the "Where do I find xxx" posts. Well, it may not eliminate them, but hopefully it would help reduce them.

In return, I would like a little help. Donations and coding.
I want to put a donations tag on the page(s) so people can help me cover the hosting costs. I don't see a dime of the donations, it goes directly to my account and covers any fees and charges that are incurred. This will help insure that this convenience is ongoing.
I also would ask that someone code the page(s). I could do it myself, but if someone's good at coding webpages, that would be much better.

Bandwidth could be a problem. I can 'throttle' the bandwidth so that I don't go over my allotted bandwidth. This will keep from incurring extra fees, but could be a problem for those people wanting files. If people are using the system properly, then it should be fine. But if people are abusing it, then it will hurt the 'good' people.

As of right now, I'm just offering up the idea. If there's enough support, then we can go forward with it. If there's not, then no big deal.

I really appreciate your input on this.


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They are already in one place, this website, if people want files, they can search for them, the easier we make things for people, the more reliant they become on us.

Primal Weyland

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Or, just maybe, this could be a great idea because then you could have a 'downloads' section of the 405th main site that can be used for more than just pepakura files?

Negitvity as always.


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I think the current system is fine. The links work, are listed in the stickies, and are maintained by their respective creators. The burden is on the individual to maintain their work. Having all the files in one location would hold you liable, as a single server, if it were ever to go down (or perhaps one day you decide to move on to a new project) and this could cause a significant gap in file availability (and might be stressful for you personally).

I've offered my web space to host friends files and things before, and its a nice thing to do, but maintaining a domain can be a financial burden too. People are probably not going to offer donations for something they can currently access for free. For your own wallet and sanity, I'd suggest keeping your private web space for your own work because you will probably tire of nubs mucking up your bandwidth at all hours ;)




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Personally, I wouldn't use it. I will putting my own site up soon where people can come to view my work, I'll have a pep section for people, I'd rather maintain control of my own content.


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This is a great idea. I like it, and I can help you with design and development. PM me if you want help.


Could we get some more votes?

So far the input has been great. I really appreciate you speaking up about it.

The only people that would really benefit from this would be the builders. The ones designing and creating the 3D models and pep files don't get much from this, other than having all their files in one area. Pretty much nothing would change for them.

As far as how the system works now, I think it only weeds out the un-motivated and discourage the uninitiated. It can be a little daunting for a new person to come in and look for the files they need only to be told 'read the stickies.' Yes, new people should read the stickies and get a general feel for the site first, but this is the innarwebs and people don't always do what's expected. Plus, if you don't know exactly what you're looking for, hitting the search button doesn't always help. But I agree - reading is the answer to the questions!

And personally, I'd rather have someone continue to bug me about building armor than to just disappear. Aren't we looking to build our ranks up to rival the 501st? Sending away new people, either intentionally or otherwise, won't help us grow in numbers.

I have a lot of webspace available. I use almost none of it. I'd rather use what I have than let it just sit there gathering cyberdust. I would appreciate donations, but I don't expect them. That's why it's called 'donations' and not 'fees'. It may be a bit of a headache to host the files, but I think if there are a couple/few of us working on keeping it maintained, it won't be too bad. The biggest deal would be the initial set-up. Once we have that down, it's just a matter of uploading files and updating pages.

I think, even though there's been limited input, I want to go ahead and do this, but on a 90 day trial. If it works it works. If not, hey, we tried. But in order for it to work, there would need to be a link added that would make it easy. I think in the Pep Amor Stickies and possibly on the main page.

I hope I don't sound condescending here, because that's not my intent. I only want to help the 405th grow as best it can.


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I don't know what hosting you got but I know many hosters are like 5 bucks a month. search for a cheap one like that but donation would be nice considering that 5 bucks would be out of your pocket. Good luck man, happy coding.BTW what kind of coding will you be using? or are you going to tweak an already existant source code?


The hosting's not that big of a deal. Practically a steal, really. As for coding - Vrogy's going to be handling that, hopefully. We have started to get things in motion, but it may be a little while before it's up and running. Once we get it up, we'll let the good times roll...