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Creation Discussion Stuck Thread Index

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by Ruze789, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Ruze789

    Ruze789 Well-Known Member

    (updated 07-21-2014)

    Dear 405th Forum Members,

    The following links are to threads that were formerly Stuck at the top of the forum. These are topics that may answer important questions you have, or may just contain important info related to the 405th’s Creation discussion.

    New threads may be added to this Sticky Index, so check back often.

    If you have a thread you feel should be considered for addition to the Sticky Index, please click the Report Post button underneath this post, then enter your suggestion in the Message box.
    This will bring it to the attention of the staff, and we will take your suggestion into consideration.

    Please remember that not all threads suggested may be added to the Sticky Index, and threads will be added at the Staff's discretion.

    Thank you,
    The 405th.com Forum

    HaloGoddess’ How to Scale and More Tutorial
    How To Scale and More, by HaloGoddess

    Tutorial- Make and Paint Your Own See-Through Visor
    Make & Paint Your Own See-Through Visor Tutorial, by Redshirt

    Fallout Armor Pep Files and References
    Fallout Armor Pep Files & Reference, by Sigma-LS (some broken download links)

    Complete Pepakura Viewer for CraftROBO guide and FAQ
    Using Pepakura Viewer for CraftRobo Tutorial, by Charlieiscool12

    My Advice for Noobs
    Advice for New Members, by Einhort

    Tutorial- Install & Detail Your Visor
    How To Install & Detail Your Visor, by BLACKULA727

    Armor Strapping 101
    Armor Strapping Tutorial, by DogWizard

    Weathered Metal Paint Effect
    Weathered Metal Paint Effect Techniques, by Belakor

    Painting Tutorial and Procedures
    Painting Tutorial & Techniques, by Serpent_ZX

    Plungers and Boots
    Using Plungers for Spartan Boots, by Ithaca

    Tutorial Links
    Off-site Tutorial Links, by SPARTAN-053

    Wiring LED to helmet
    Wiring LEDS for helmets, by MC Chris (OLD, most picture links broken)

    COG Armor (Gears of War)
    Gears of War COG Armor, by Spartan 051 (OLD, links in 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Post are dead)

    Creation Discussion Sticky Index
    Creation Discussion Sticky Index, by Deadguy (OLD, all links broken after site changes)
  2. andreank

    andreank Guest

    Subsequent to conversing with a couple individuals I've made this to help out individuals find significant zones that have/are being examines about the new arrangement. For the time being I've taken the primary strings of talk and posted them here until further notice. (Will include/redesign more later as utilizing my breaks at work).

    On the off chance that you wish me to include/alter data, please let me know either here or PM. I need to ensure this is as valuable for individuals as could be expected under the circumstances, and you're help would be extraordinary ^^

    Additionally, If you wish if real "achievements" are found
  3. harry56

    harry56 New Member

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  4. Dreamster

    Dreamster New Member

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