Crimbob Cookie Construction Challenge

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Y'all are severely lacking in Christmas spirit. We need to fix that.

We have some of the most talented cosplayers on the planet and I don't think a single one of y'all could properly construct a gingerbread house. Or costume. Or mech.


I'm calling you out random person who clicked this link. It's time for a gingerbread throwdown.

Winner will be picked by the community, and will gain nothing more than the game and adoration that comes with being better at using icing as mortar.
use whatever adhesive you would like, but the body of whatever the heck you are making should be edible.

Get building ladies and gentlemen.
use whatever adhesive you would like

The Simpsons Eating GIF

Doubt I'd get time before Christmas buuut... I'll see if I can do something afterwards. When does the "competition" end? And are we allowed to use something like Rice Krispy treats and other common baking ...err... materials, or should we restrict ourselves to primarily gingerbread?
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