Critique/Advice/etc of My Halo Pieces


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Hello Everyone,

It was recommended that I make a thread in order to receive hopefully constructive criticism and advice on some pieces.

Starting back 4 years ago when I first got into Pepakura I made a War Master chest plate and a Scout helmet seen below:


I was genuinely pleased with how both came out. The War Master Chest was unusual since the chest is a total of about 7 closed pieces, so the photo shows them roughly taped together. Let me know if the assembly looks good.

Following that I resined both of them and then applied bondo to the helmet seen below:

Both pieces had minimal deformation during the resin process due to a box roto casting I did. Where I stopped with these two was the bondo stage. This is the step I have the least amount of experience with as evident in the photo of the helmet. I became discouraged and stopped as in the photo. It felt that all my sanding was redundant and I wasn't smoothing and shaping the helmet, I don't have a photo of the top which is where I had the most trouble with. Any advice would be appreciated here.

Three years after this I decided to give pepakura another shot. I decided to build the Maverick armor set from Halo 5. I've built the left forearm and have moved onto the chest piece. The photos below show the current progress of the two pieces, and a screenshot of the unfold that I did.

Screenshot (1).png

I included the unfold because I want to know if it looks good. Iv'e seen others unfold and they seem to try to have as little amount of pieces possible. I believe this is to minimize the amount of glued pieces there is because the more glued margins there are the more likely the pieces is to be deformed.

The second photo is the current progress on the chest piece. I just need to finish the back panel and this is complete for this step. Please let me know if this looks like good quality and if there any places of improvement.

Third and fourth photos are the forearm piece as it is today. I felt better about this piece than prior but I had to move and don't have access to finish the bondo stage at the moment. I did a resin roto-cast then filled it with expansion foam to give it more structure. I feel that I made the same mistake with this piece I did the helmet. Next time I do the bondo, I need to focus on sections at a time, smooth it to shape then move on to the next section and repeat.

If you read this far thank you, and please any advice or criticism is welcomed.


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Yup I would agree do small sections at a time with the bondo. Get too much and you loose where your at and what was there. Don’t have to do it all on one step. Check out PerniciousDuke ‘s spartan build he uses rondo on the outside to not lose all the detail in the pep. I think he goes pretty in depth on his commando helmet with this method. Looks like a great start tho and props to ya for going the pep method! Takes a true craftsman with patience for that!
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