Cupple of questions conserning Mold's

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Alright, sence Im trying to make something that can take abuce, Ive got a few questions.

Im sure they've been asked before, but Ive still go to ask.

Ive done some research, learned about rubber molds, how to make them, and so forth. And reading here Ive picked up a few ideas and I would like to know what you guys think.

Ok, so here are my thoughts:

Vac'ings out of the question. I want this to take some abuce, and streching it out isnt realy going to help that much. So Molding it is. Now, heres what Im thinking, make a sculpture of what ever peace out of clay. Then use it to make a mold. Then keep the clay peace in a valt som where untill you need to make a new mold.

Question is, what should I use to make the mold? rubber/cilcon or plaster? Plaster would be cheeper and easyer to replace, wich is why it was the first thing to pop into my head.
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