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Hey gang. Just getting back into the "Halo-verse" after a few years off. Am motivated to make a new set of armor but my brain is exploding from all of the options, styles, etc. I built a Halo 3 style MC a few years ago and was originally thinking I'd just move down the timeline and build a Halo 4. But then as I search, I see a great deal of "discussion" about Halo 4 armor, Reach armor, the new Halo 6(?) armor, and of course the classic Halo 3. (also Forward Unto Dawn, which I never really noticed the style).
So I'm asking for some opinions of what folks are building, what they hate, and why. Like I said, I was thinking a Halo 4/5 MC (but that undersuit looks crazy!). And now I'm thinking of giving myself an "out" by making something with a backstory of being Reach or new gen spartans from 4/5, so that any mistake or compromise I do on my armor can be written off as part of that characters "customization"...
To me most of the Halo 4 armors looks weird. But you can't go wrong with reach armor! I personally don't like halo 5' customization because you can only customize two things.
Personaly I think all art styles have great things to offer. I prefer Halo 4 armors (excluding few of them) and in my opinion they are a little bit more user friendly, a little bit more open - There is no waist piece, shoulders are lowered so they don't hit chest piece when raising hands. I think many Halo 4 and some Halo 5 designs are underrated like Hazop (of course I had to), Deffender or Enforcer and quite a lot of others.
Reach has the best mobility from what I hear. But you'll get more recognized with the iconic master chief suit. However, I am loving the new Gen 3 armor from halo infinite. I am even tempted to build master chief from the infinite trailers. looks bulky and I like bulky armor.
Controversial Take, but i am not quite comfortable with the overall look of the Infinite Armor. Maybe it's the Shaders or the textures. I liked its appearance in the next Gen Xbox trailer more....
And i have also only worn the Masterchiefs helmet from Halo 4, and parts of helioskrill so i can't say much of my own.
From accounts of friends it seems Reach and H4 differ only in a few areas, not overall. For example the space diaper...:lol:
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Unpopular opinion: I feel like the Masterchief armor is not that cool. I mean, it's cool, but I feel like it will never look as good as a custom character on Reach. There is just so much more to play with in the custom characters and whenever they redesign the chief for each game, they are limited by trying to make sure it still is recognizable as the chief. They do a good job keeping his armor interesting but the coolest armor is the other Spartan armor options in Reach.

Also, if you go to a big convention as the chief you are likely to not be the only one. If you go in a custom armor, you will be unique.

Note: I do not remember Halo 4 (only played it once) and have not played 5 bc I never bought an Xbox 1, so I cannot comment on any customization options available in those games.

Reach has been good to me.
I like them all both from an artistic standpoint & the lore within the Halo universe (except that coffee-maker (Seeker) helmet, what the hell was 343 thinking?!). As technology advance, it's only natural that technology becomes miniaturise & sleak which some people seem to forget how military technology can evolve rapidly, Spartans can't rock bulky armour systems forever. Hope though in Halo: Infinite they have both hardware designs along with newer & older UNSC weapon systems which they did in Halo 5: Guardians with the BR55 & 85, M41 & 57, well as the GEN I & IIs armour systems all side by side. Like to see 343i take it a step further to bring every asset from all the previous games into one to make Halo feel more alive & a proper universe that will feel more connected well as new assets they would make.
all the 343 designs are hit or miss with me, but I'm also of the opinion the Reach is the peak of Spartan armor. The only thing I wish they could get is the color and pattern options from 4 and 5.
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