CURSES and a question.

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I made a helmet that was too big. I finished my new one, and.. ITS TOO SMALL. I scaled it perfectly, I gave it a few more inches actually. But It won't go over, it needs to stretch, and I'm afraid thatll rip the CardStock :/

also, Is there any Pepakura layouts for Marine,ODST,CQB,EVA,RAPTOR Models?
There is No need for 2 topics. Just keep your questions in the same post.

I don't know about your scaling problem, but as for the layouts, Odst layouts are on their way soon enough, there is no marine armor. As for all the Halo 3 Varations, We will have to see.

UnDedSnipr said:
Have you tried cutting off excess stuff on the bottom, that may work.
What I did is I cut some space into the bottom and cut slits so you can fold the flaps outward, and put it on your head.
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Yeah, sorry.... über Halo nerd here. Sometimes I'll play with friends and shout out "Kig-Yar!" instead of just saying Jackal.
Raptor is not a variant of the Elite Armor. Its the Fourth Spartan Armor Permutation according to teh leaks.
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