Custom 3d printed RvB heroclix

Rusty 714

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Hey guys! :D I love heroclix! Its one of my favorite table top strategy games! I'm not very good at and I hardly ever win but I still have fun and that's all that matters! :p I also love red vs blue, and I have a 3d printer and so I thought to myself... Why not combine my 3 favorite things?! Boooom! Form Voltron! Duh du du nu du nu nu! Anyway, I rigged a halo model and I'm going to pose print and repeat to create all of the main blood gultch characters! Caboose needs to be facing the wrong way on the stand lol! I also found this for the map

Sorry to the person who created it... I don't remember who you are... Its perfect for what I'm doing tho and I can't wait to get started! :D

I posed Church:
Screenshot (93).png

Screenshot (92).png

and Sarge
Screenshot (94).png

Also... yes I know that they are supposed to have the mark vi armor not recruit but I like the way the recruit body looks a little more. It feels less bulky or something... aaaaaaaaand yes Caboose's helmet is from the wrong game... halo fives mark v helmet looks wierd...
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