[Custom Armor] Advanced Tactical Body Armor Mk.8 (ATBA Mk.8]

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Hi all.

As I posted in my "Here I am" thread, I'm working on an armored suit, used in my own sci-fi universe. Just to give you an impression of what I'm talking about, here some concept drawings I used to cut the shapes:


Full size: http://www.battlegroundaeon.com/armor.jpg

Not everything is shown in this image, so here is the complete list (with information about the materials used):

- The helmet
Basis is a original german combat helmet, currently used by our soldiers. It will have to lights on the left and the right, and a helmet camera on the left side. Done 5%

- The flak jacket
Worn under the bodyarmor. It was made of foam, enhanced by heavy cardboard on critical parts and will be coated with black fabric. Done 50%

- The body armor
It will be made out of styrofoam and heavy cardboard. Done 5%, only concepts existing

- The thigh armor
Two different parts. One for the left, and one for the right. Made out of...guessing right: Heavy cardboard. Done 70%, awaiting paint job.

- The shin armor
No different parts for the left or the right shin. Material used: Heavy cardboard. Done 5%, only concepts existing.

- The armor for the upper arm
Made out of cardboard. The rank insignia, military branch logo, the ships registration and the number of the squad will be placed here. Two parts, wearable on the left or on the right. Made out of heavy cardboard. Done 40%.

- Maybe armor for the forearms
Well, not really sure, if I should add them. But if I do, some kind of PDA will be placed in one of the parts

- The gloves
Just some black combat gloves with pads :mrgreen:

- The guns
Well, every soldier needs firepower. Planned is an assault rifle. Basis is a G36C softair AEG (under 0,5j. Just for the effect of switching mags and the overall look). I'm going to modify it a bit to make it look more futuristic and to get a Morisson MPRS-15AR. Sidearm will be a modified softair Beretta 92 with some modifications to get a Barnett P|X4. Both done 5%, just concepts existing.

- The nades
Four frag grenades, one smoke and one flashbang to be built of foam, cardboard and...dunno ;-) 10% done

Well, that's a bit about the armor I'm working on. Questings, suggestions? Drop me your 2 cents.

Well...at the moment, everything of my universe is in german. So...I've only got pictures for you.

I'll put a few WIP pics of this custom armor on my server in the next days (When I've finished building the upper arm and thigh armor parts).
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