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Custom Halo: Reach Freelancer Build (WIP, 1st Build, RvB inspired)

Discussion in 'Halo Pepakura Costumes' started by shiguide, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. shiguide

    shiguide New Member

    Hello 405th! After being a lurker on this site for a while, a fundamental abundance of free time in college (and inspiration from Instagram) has prompted me to start my first pepakura build. This thread is going to be for Halo: Reach armor that I will be building based off of a custom character I created on reddit some time ago named Agent Eastpointe. But it's basically the same armor combination that I used in Halo:Reach to play Nobel Six too.

    I currently have two helmets in the works right now because I initially made a Rogue helmet, which turned out a bit too small :( before moving on to build East's signature Air Assault helmet, which fortunately turned out the perfect size. Instead of scrapping the Rogue helmet, I decided it would be the perfect medium to help me practice the resin / painting process so that I don't mess up my other helmet. And it's be so far so good although the prospect of fiber glassing was daunting at first. I'll start off with progress pic of the Rogue before I start on the Air Assault helmet and other parts of my custom build. I would love some creative criticism / pointers, especially if you notice something on the Rogue helmet that I could do better the next time around!

    Now for some pictures!

    Air Assault helmet- Pep finished

    Rogue helmet- Pep & outside fiber glassed so far
  2. shiguide

    shiguide New Member

    Getting ready to paint the primary and secondary colors onto the rogue helmet (metallic primer already complete) but I had some trouble finding a reference picture of how the pattern is on the top of the helmet. Finally I was able to take this screenshot from a youtube video, and figured I might as well add it here for anyone else that might be looking for something similar in the future.


    Also, for easier sanding would you guys recommend a sander or dremel (if someone were to only get one)? I have heard that dremels are good for detail work but it is it also applicable to larger area smoothing like the ridges on a helmet?
  3. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Looks like you're off to a great start! Versatility I say puts the dremel as the superior choice. You can get attachments that sand, saw, drill, scribe, sharpen, heck I even grind my dog's nails with one same as PetCo. All the orbital sander can do you can do by hand (sanding block helps too).

    Also, just a note, don't confuse fiberglass with fiberglass resin. They are two different things. There is no fiberglass in fiberglass resin.

    If your small Rogue helmet turns out after you're done practicing, it will make a great gift for a younger family member (I reworded to make it gender inclusive) ;)
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  4. shiguide

    shiguide New Member

    Thanks, I appreciate the advice and the thoughtfulness! I knew about the resin having no fiberglass but must have been rushing when I wrote that caption. I'm about to upload the pictures of the helmet painted, before weathering (that will have to wait til after the holidays). I have a little brother who might appreciate it, but he's got a pretty big head too.

    I'll definately have to start looking into dremels, especially since it could have multiple uses in trimming pet nails. That would really come in handy. Thanks.
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  5. shiguide

    shiguide New Member

    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
  6. shiguide

    shiguide New Member


    After a long pause in crafting over winter break, I am now back in the game with a spartan chest piece! This also turned out really well, although I ended up doing a bit of free hand altercation to tighten up the fit (it was a bit on the larger side at first). I cut out some of the bottom curve on each arm and I'm much happier with the size now, although I was worried about messing it up the whole time.

    Edit: I also was able to do some weathering detail on the rogue helmet and will probably work on a smaller aspect next, like shoulders.
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  7. Dirtdives


    shiguide, great job on the helmet and chest piece. I suggest hitting the helmet w/ a fine sandpaper to get rid of any little bumps. And if needed, retouch w/ paint. Overall, nicely done.

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