Custom Husky Tote Nameplates


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Hello everyone, not my usual post type here. Just posting about something I’ve custom made for labeling my armor totes and was reaching out to see if more people would be interested.

I have a bambu printer that can print up to 4 colors and have made them to fit in the center part of the lid of a husky rolling 50gal tote. I have made one for me and my fellow SSG guys…

The one I made here also has my personal emblem on it, BUT the emblem is removable via magnet. So that is an option as well. I will gladly make ones for people who would like one. Either trades or payment. Like for example, Spidermonkey60 is helping me out with some foam craft so I designed his plate for him.

Now his doesn’t have a removable emblem, but it’s still an option if needed.

Is this something others would be interested in? Now I won’t be putting any actual 405th emblems or anything on them unless pre-approved. This is strictly for personal use only for labeling totes. Hit me up if you are interested.

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