Soft Parts Custom Made Leather Undersuit (Darth Vader)

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I started this leather body suit for a Darth Vader build, but I figured it would also work great for my Master Chief Build. This is a simple way to make a high quality leather undersuit on a budget.

My total cost so far:

$35.00 for 2.5 yards of leather
$25.00 for 2 packs of batting
$6.00 for black thread
$4.00 for heavy duty needles

Total: $70.00
This should be enough materials to make the top and bottom parts to the body suit.

I started out with an old pair of pants that were very light weight (I was expecting it to get hot, so I wanted to cut back wherever I could)


After I took all of the extra stuff off (pockets, belt loops, buttons, etc.) I cut them apart into four sections and labeled them accordingly. Front left, back left, front right, and back right. Then I laid them out on the leather material and cut out the sections.

Darth Vader has specific 1 inch quilted stripes on the entire suit, but for your suit, you don't have to do the quilting, as it is very time consuming.

To get filled out effect I was looking for I put 2 layers of quilt batting (the cotton padding the goes inside blankets) between the old pants and the leather. I had to use 2 layers, because 1 wasn't enough to get it raised high enough. If you don't want the quilted look, don't get the quilt batting, as it makes it even hotter.

I took a yard stick and drew 1 inch lines on the pants, and quilted along them.


4 hours later I had all four sections quilted.

Then I sewed the sections together.

I added a zipper and button, to make it easy to take on and off.

Here I am weraing the completed pants.

They are quite flexible, but pretty heavy duty and very hot.

Here is a test with my armor:

I plan to make the shirt part by the end of the week.

I hope you guys enjoy this.
XD EPIC AWESOMENESS. This is looking really really good. Congrats and hope to see more soon.
The under suit really brings your MC armor together. Great work man. I wish I could sew like that. I'd probably make my own under suit too!:)
Glad you guys like it.

The under suit really brings your MC armor together. Great work man. I wish I could sew like that. I'd probably make my own under suit too!:)
This was actually my first time sewing. It was a nice learning experience. It isn't hard, just time consuming.
After a long night and a lot of hard work, the shirt part is done.

I started out with an old T-shirt and cut long sleeves out of another old shirt.

All of the quilting done.

After sewing the top part of the torso together I made sure I could get my head through, and it fit well.

Here are the sleeves sewn on.

Here it is complete.


With the forearms.

Later this weekend I will get more pictures of the entire body suit, and the armor again.

Hope you guys enjoy this.
Yes, I did make a neck seal. I have some of the details in the thread in my signature.

I was going to put up a thread for the neck seal, but I forgot to do that. I will try to get one up soon.
Very Great work I like the creativity behind that. Im curious to see the neck seal. For my build Im going to make a rubber Neck seal using multiple layers to get the texture I want out of it.

I wanted a full under-suit like you did, and i have a couple questions. I was thinking since you used clothing under the leather would it help cool it down to trim off the leather where the armor is. My thought is that by having just cloth exposed under the amour pieces (which wont be visible btw) you would be able to have areas that breath better keeping you more cool. That would afford you more comfort. Im thinking of doing something like that with the 661 top where I add detail to exposed joints.

I have no Idea what to do for the bottom though

As for the Vader outfit that is epic, I would love to do a Vader Build, maybe after my Halo armor. Anyways would you ever consider doing a under suit for some one for Profit.

It is a awesome build and I give you props sir.
The leather does not breathe at all, so removing it from the parts under the armor would greatly help with ventilation.

I don't think I would ever make an undersuit for someone. There is just too much work in it, and I could make regular armor and props so much easier than sewing.
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