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So as we all know every one likes the forge feature so I wanted to know if you had any good maps if you do post the download link from bungie here and a discription like i will do.

you can post some one else's just state that it is. someones and give there name
Made by: Me
Name: White water V2
Game variant: reality check
Level: last resort
details: a level that takes place in the water at last resort... there are mongosses and goasts in the level and you have reality phisics witch means gravity at 200%.

and if your going to comment on some ones post you need to post your own map to.
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I dont own the game myself but i think that sum1 shud make a gametype/forge thing in Valhalla where thers a bunch of guys in a pen and then 1 guy sends fuel cores and junk at them through the mancannon and tries to kill them
Im Going to try that nice idea. and try not to post without a map even if you dont own the game you can still go on bungie .com and find one.
heres my other one

Made by: Me and some other friends
Game variant: paintball
Level: sand trap
details: A border filled playing feild with bunkers and other things to hide behind 200% gravity and one shot to kill capture the flag.
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