Custom/Original-ish ODST Armor


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So this is my first EVA foam armor, I am making a completely custom/original, heavy unit ODSTish armor. I’m free handing the entire armor, the only thing I lean on is watching videos and looking at pictures online. This thread is going to be picture heavy so enjoy! Also I’m color blind so there may be color differences....
Also I will continue to add until completed



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This is amazing! I love how bulky it is, but it still captures the halo feel! And you mentioned discoleration... that is more than ok! All that does is make it look weathered and worn. Just rub some dirt in there and it's done :b

Do you know what type of weapon you will be wielding? To me it just looks like it will be disappointing if you arent carrying some sort of two handed/defatched weapon. :lol: