Custom Painted Master Chief Action Figure


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Hey guys, figured I'd show you my little project I've been wanting to do for a while.

Lately, my brother got into the Halo 3 action figures, dragging me in as well. He was happy with buying the Spartan Armour set, but I couldn't have anything but the best. Master Chief, of course.

I wanted to buy it online, seeing as I couldn't find one anywhere, until one of my friends walks into my house with a gift for my birthday, which was none other than an ACTIVE CAMO MASTER CHIEF! This might not be exciting for anyone else as it is clear. But for me, I LOVE to paint stuff, and I was going to get this one from the start!

So, I picked up some Olive Green model paint, set up my handy airbrush, and got to work. After a few hours, I got this:




Everything on this figurine was 100% painted by hand, which in my opinion looks WAY better than the ones you can buy. Don't believe me? I could see how someone would think I'm lying. See the pegs holding the SMG's? They're clear. On the others, they're black.

Now if only I can think of a way to get my hands on an assault rifle... ;)


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I used my Paasche VL Airbrush and a brush.

The first coat I did was the green with the Airbrush. Then I did some of the black, getting most of it, while adding some spots on the green.

I did another coat of green, then used the brush to do detail in the black and painting the visor with copper model paint. For the finishing touch, I did some scratches and weathering with silver paint using the brush.

Thanks for the comment!


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JSwift said:
Very nice! I've painted a few of the 12'' figures custom colors. Looking very good there

Thanks! I have to ask you though, did you have to put a coat of lacquer or something on it, or was the paint fine? I don't want to have the paint chip away on me. Literally.
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well when i was all done i let it sit for 24 hours to make sure all the pain was dry. then i put a coat of testors all purpose dullcote. it's a flat clear lacquer that gives it a really good look