1st Build Custom Rakshasa armor build(in progress)


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Hello, I would like to start off with saying thank you to those who have introduced themselves and welcomed me into the 405th community. Thank you!

Okay on to my project, I am currently working on a custom rakshasa spartan that will be made with foam, the one thing is the helmet and weapons are/will be 3d printed by me, files I have used are by Thehudsonforge for the S7 sniper that im currently printing, NerdForgeDesigns for the kukri and Titlewavedesigns for the Morrigan helmet. Yall should go check them out they're great.

To start I will begin to work from the boots up to the chest, then finish with the arms. I feel like this is a good start for me to work with foam.
After looking at the Rakshasa armor for a good 1-2 hours I feel confident that making a good undersuit is as important as making the armor itself. Mostly a lot of straps lol.

Here are some photos I've taken with the helmet and the kukri, I will also post my progress on my Insta (Shyly_Eyes).


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Hello there. Quick update unfortunately I've been sick for the last two months and dealing with work and family, I haven't been working on the armor. So I will be making the decision to 3d print instead of foam to save me the time. Maybe in the future ill make my own with foam. I will however be making the vest for the undersuit out of foam and any attachments I like. I have gotten gloves and elbows and knee pads(shown in the picture) that I see fit. I will still be showing my progress and painting. Thank you to those for still looking in and sorry for the inconvenience.


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