Custom Republic Commando [WIP]

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Hey all, just gonna make this my intro post. Been a lurker here for a while, absorbing everything I can when I can from this awesome community. I really admire the creativity and so thankful for the info available here. Although I'm mostly active on the sister site, the Dented Helmet I've had the itch to do a custom Spartan III for sometime, which will be talked about later in this post- I understand the topic for this forum section is Non-Halo, but ultimately this thread is going to be dedicated to the RC; so I'll only mention Halo once in this post!

But before I go full on into becoming a Spartan, I've been putting together a Republic Commando, one of GAR's finest. The kit is a Wicked Armor for those wondering, where Im actually half way to finishing it.

Long story short, you have to seam the kit up, meaning, strip on the inside, joining the two halfs, then bondo'ing the seam on the outside- You'll see what I mean in the forearm pics below.
First, I did a concept of how I wanted the scheme of this to look. Of course, as thing start chugging along, some aspects of the concept change. For example, the Kama, or battle skirt, will most likely make it to the finale product...

I started with the helm kit paint, base flat white then weathered. I may or may not keep this paint scheme, wanted to try something almost viking-war-paint looking and not symmetrical unlike the concept drawing. Honestly, I don't feel the scheme is done yet as I want to add something next to the longer stripe. As for weathering, this commando first saw action on Geonosis running raids on Hellfire droid lunch sites, so I used some Tera Cotta acrylic paint and some other hues to give hints to that.

There is actually two visors in this helm, the outside and one on the inside. The inside one has a defuser to scatter the LED light, making it look more...sophisticated I guess? It was a genius idea by Wicked.



Oddly, I had a strong attraction to a dark color green for this guy, not sure why. Originally was thinking red or blue but I feel those two colors are common for clone units.

For there, I moved on to the forearm and elbow armor (elbows not pictured as they arn't weathered yet). At this point I felt it was a good time to add a secondary color. It's a grey with a hit a sage in it. Added some read detailing- really happy with how these turned out...


Something I added in the concept drawing on the left shoulder, the supplemental armor shielding pad, was formed from a thick kydex sheet painted a bit. Like how a certain Spartan in Reach as a knife on his shoulder, I'm thinking of attaching a fusion cutter mount there to cut through the droids when things get hairy...

I'm not sure yet how it's going to attach to the shoulder bell yet...


The work above has been done over the last month or so. Today, I added the base white to some pieces today and letting them cure for sometime..


Like all custom characters, we add our own head cannon to them. I'll share a watered down version in another post once I've ironed out some details.

To close,

I'm really excited to be in this forum and excited to learn more, and share more of my RC build.

Mentioned early at the start of the post, I'm treating this thread like a intro thread in a way, but breaking the rules a bit. This will be the only time I mention Halo in this section. My brother sometime ago started making a Cmdr Carter build out of EVA foam. Recently, he mentioned he no longer has the desire to go through with it and he was going to throw ALL this work away. To preserve & finish what he started, it was handed to me. I've very thankful to have a jump start and some examples to follow when it's time to pull the trigger come build time.

Reading much of TurboCharizard 's CQB thread, CQB is a way of life, which is likely where the theme of this Spartan will go!
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