Customised Nerf Vulcan

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Hello boys and girls,

I've decided to give my nerf vulcan a fresh new look making it look older and battle worn.

Here are the pictures.





For those interested in how I went about doing it -

1. Mask off the handle bar and grip
2. Primer
3. Flat Black Coat
4. Drybrush detailing
5. Green for the attachments and the cocking bar

Comments this way please.

falcon NL

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Looks like a great paint job to me. By the looks of it , it could be a weapon they use in Gears.

Did you paint the ammo box as well?

Overlord Ian

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falcon NL said:
it could be a weapon they use in Gears.
yea, it looks like the mortar launcher, or you could make it look like the Mulcher pretty easily.
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That is impressive. Makes me want to go and buy one now. I'm always tempted to buy some of those toy guns from walmart and repaint them. Just for kicks.

Spawn Camp3r

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yeah looks like gears, also kinda looks like warmonger if anyone has heard of that (great physics engine). you should paint the darts too, lol


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Thanks for all the comments guys.

I haven't painted the ammo box because I intend to make a custom one capable of holding 50 darts (the standard box holds 25).

It does look very gears of war-ish from looking at it again, I guess because of its size and roughness and...metalness.

In regards to my painting "skills", I picked up a lot of the techniques by watching my little brother paint warhammer figurines. If you're interested in how to drybrush for battle damage, there is a great tutorial on the games workshop website somewhere.



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p0rtalman said:
Damn, it looks pretty good!
Nice job with the citadel paints too ;)

Haha yeah those little paints really come in handy.

I might actually take the suggestion and put a chainsaw attachment onto it for a Gear prop in the near future.

It DOES have a lot of gears on it upon further inspection.

We don't have Walmarts in Australia, I had to order this bad boy off ebay. Cost me my right leg for postage.
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Hi Everyone,

Although this was never a w.i.p thread, I have done more to the gun since my last uploading of photos.

I have now finished painting the "laser" pointer and the tripod stand.

Another modification to the gun is a 50 dart belt (originally 25 darts per belt). I also purchased 7.62mm tracer can from Aussie Disposals which fit the belts perfectly. It is mounted to the side of the gun with rare earth magnets so it is removable.

Pics ahoy.








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Gearsofhalo said:
wow dude thats is sick!!!!!! Now it is definitly the mortar launcher from gears! I want it!!!
or just a m249 SAW. im getting one for christmas. NERF guns are good platforms for simple modding and repainting. I've taken out the air compressors in my Nite Shot and CS-Longshot and given them new paintjobs, very fun, and relatively cheap. :p
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Haha! This is great! :) You've added nice painting details.

I particularly like the picture with the launcher and the panda plushie ^^
Those things just go together hehehe.


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Haha yes, my panda is the overseer of all things mod related. If he doesn't give the nod, the project doesn't happen.

And I completely agree with Mooseguy04, Nerf guns make a very fun and economic platform for simple modding and painting.

Cheers for the comments everyone.
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