D & D Halo conversion

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I'm planning on converting all of the D and D rules so that I can play within a Halo scenario. I'm gonna have custom rules for characters, weapons, and everything else.

Some character class ideas:

Any more ideas?

and i'll have some stats posted soon.
It'd probably just be under sargeant. Brute Chieftain will be the specific name when a Brute fills the role of Sarge or whatever I set it as because you can't (I don't believe have a human or a jackal chieftain)
Playing a Halo based RPG would rock!

You should pick up a copy of D20 MODERN, my local games store sells it for like $40 PM me for the details

and if this goes through i dibs ODST sergent
Do you think we'd be able to get a section on the forum dedicated to RPGing? I was talking about making it a thing with dice and stuff, I've never participated in one of the online RPG's. How do they work? And I can probably pick a book up around here, I have plenty of nerd stores in my area. And I have the Star Wars D and D book, so it may be easier to convert.

Anyone have any interest in maybe having a RPG running on the forum?
Online is fun but its a lot of quotes and making stuff up, it is better for one to sit with a group of friends at a table with dice and hope that your saving throw actually works, and there is more socializing to that aspect
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