Daisho Con 2020 Info and Roll Call: Nov 20th - 22nd (Wisconsin Dells, WI)


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Stealing NobleofDeath16 template. I live VERY close to this convention so I will be making it all 3 days.

Description: Whether you’re a fan of Japanese animation, American animation, Asian pop culture, cosplay, video games or table top games, you will find a way to celebrate your joy; compete in gaming tournaments in our video game room, participate Wisconsin’s largest cosplay contest, and explore our mammoth vendor hall. We have Nerf battles by day and EDM beats by night.
(me):Keep in mind this is Wisconsin's 2nd biggest convention at around 7000 participants. And highly focuses on cosplay as well.

Date: November 20th - 22nd (11/20/2020 - 11/22/2020)

Location: 1305 Kalahari Dr, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965

Event Website:
Home - Daishocon.org
website updates every year
look up daishocon on insta or facebook to follow along with their updates.

Convention events/details (Bear in mind this was from last years stuff. however not much has changed in the past couple years other then adding more stuff(regarding activities). parking should always be free because this is not a dense city like chicago)
  • Free Parking!! The convention offers free parking. So if you don't feel like staying on site you can stay at a different hotel and just drive on up.
  • Water park and indoor theme park. If you want to take a break from the convention hall. Kalahri offers a indoor water park and theme park. If you stay at the hotel this is typically included.
  • Convention stuff!
    • Panels: celebrity(usually voice actor) guests (none listed yet). or just regular people giving panels!
    • Nerf arena: get your NERF (has to be nerf brand) gun and fight each other, in and out of costume!
    • Action Arena: essentially nerf gladiator mode. you fight with foam swords/shields and weapons.
    • Vendor Hall: Very heavy on art but a ton of vendors are there and the vendor hall is good sized. sometimes they have prop builders and other stuff as well, pretty nice. And a cosplay repair station as well
    • Game Room: Biiiiig game room. Has almost anything you can think of from DDR to smash bros(gamecubes). xbox, PS4s. Also has a lot of arcade games in this place. last year I played TMNT.
    • Tabletop gaming room: I didn't go in this room, but its a big room with a lot of table top players and tabletop games.
  • RAVE: Saturday night at about 1030 or 11 the Rave starts in the same convention hall as the cosplay contest. they release the DJ names when they are closer. I hear its a good time, but didn't go last year.
    • This event focuses heavily on cosplay, almost felt the amount of cosplayers to normal congoers was equal.
    • COSPLAY ISLAND: There is a mini "run way" that mimics the cosplay contest stage. You can get together with your friends to take photo shoots here. Just be aware you may have to sign up for a slot if you want time for group pictures, last year they had marvel, MHA and a few other slots made for that. but on Friday and Sunday it is a lot more easy going to just get on the mini stage and take pictures.
    • Cosplay Contest: Be sure you sign up on Friday for the main contest or there may not be any slots. you have to sign up in person
      • Hallway contest: There is a hallway contest for those who don't want to compete on the big stage. more laid back and for newer cosplayers
      • chibi: for contestants 5 or under
      • Beginner: 0-2 awards ever given for a contest
      • Advanced: 3 or more awards in a cosplay contest
      • Master: highly experienced in Cosplay Contests and have won 3 or more awards when competing
      • see rules and details: RULES
        • judges reserve the right to bump you up in competition class
    • Cosplay Guests: There will be cosplay guests, those will be announced closer to date and I will update this.
  • Recently expanded hall: Last year Kalahari Built its new edition to accommodate conventions and it was awesome. Huge Hallways and big convention rooms. Never felt too claustrophobic and I could move around freely except maybe in vendor hall.
    • Also They have a lot of tables with water jugs around rather then swarming a single water fountain(there was also water fountains)
Regiment stuff:
I currently have no plans for these but if we get enough people to go these could be options:
  • Photographers and/or interested photographers willing to work with Regiment Staff on photo shoots.
  • Dinner plans for either Friday or Saturday. (I may or may not be able to do this[he4thbar])
  • Members planning to attend who may need room accommodation assistance and/or roommates.
There is currently no plans for regiment staff to be on-site, These plans listed could be up in the air but would love to see fellow members on site. Last year I ran into 1 405th member and 2 other halo cosplayers.

Local Hotels: (Descends by Distance)
  • Kalahari Resort Hotel. This hotel is connected directly to the convention hall. Has a water park and indoor theme park (both great for photo shoots). None of the other hotels are walking distance.(PARKING IS FREE THOUGH)
  • The Great Wolf Lodge (has water park)
  • The Wilderness Resort and hotel (has waterpark)
  • Staybridge Suites Hotel.
  • THERE ARE PLENTY OF HOTELS AROUND, just have to google em and drive.

Confirmed "Boots-on-Ground":
- He4thbar

Tentative Responses:

Badge Purchase:
Badges are not available right now. I will update this link when it goes live (last year was $55 for the weekend I think or $60)
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Excellent work on the format!! As well as the accompanying information alongside it!
Thank ya! I'm not expecting this to be a huge group event like c2e2 or something. I just like people to be aware of it :). Especially since it's a little more western and people from Minnesota/Iowa/Illinois may go as well (if not Minneapolis galaxy con). I know we have a few people like MrJamin who may be closer to this than to other cons.
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