Dawn Under Heaven - Fan Film


Gobotic Studios present: “Dawn Under Heaven”, an independently produced Halo fan film. We began preproduction in late April of 2010, with principle photography slated for early 2011.

With the imminent release of the latest and final Halo game from Bungie, now is the time for young creatives to enter the arena with a vision of undiluted awesomeness. Right now we’re working on the props and costumes for the film, as well as getting a polished first draft of the screenplay.

We'll be posting updates, weekly video blogs, pictures, and much more on our new website.

To kick off the project we've come up with a little treat for everybody.
A Reach Trooper Helmet pep file, created and unfolded by yours truly.
It's under our Content section, waiting to be downloaded.

As the project continues we'll be releasing more content for everyone to use.

We're really excited to share this project with all you guys. In the coming months we'll be working on a lot of armor pieces, along with all the other goodies that go along with pre-production, and we can't wait to hear your feedback.

Project Threads:
Trooper Helmet
ODST Helmet


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WOW, This came out of nowhere!

Looks like a north American Operation Chastity.

We've had quite a number of fan film prospective, and this is one of the more promising ones.


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Wow. there's a lot of fanfilms going on. I count like 4. Sigma, Gift of the Ancients, the one in Brittain, and now yours! I'm so excited.

Great helmet btw.
Too bad you're all the way in Minnesota. Too far to come and help.

Spartan 037

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looks like we have some competition sigma! get em! JK

being serious now.... Looks frickin' epic dude! can't wait to see the teaser :)


Hey guys, we have begun production on our ODST drop pod.


Got our seat parts all cut out.

Seat support structure complete and tested.

Sgt Whoopass

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i kind of figured the drop pod seat to be at more of an angle. something to keep the trooper in a better position so they can be ready to run. more leaning then actually sitting. i saw more of a 135 degree angle with an almost roller-coaster like restraint to hold them in.


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Hey guys, quick up date here. We just finished posting all the video blogs to our channel. here's a link to the Video Blog for this week!

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Well hello there.
You should post more videos of your progress. We like videos. :D Goodluck on finishing for the release!


Drop Pod Update

Was very productive late last night at the workshop.
We've mostly put together the seat, finishing up the legs pieces at the bottom.
Still tons of work to be done, but it's awesome to see something start to come together.


Still lots and lots of detail to be added.

Make sure to check out our blog and viblogs. Always enjoy getting feedback.
Stay Tuned!