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cys920622 said:
whats the diff between gold and iridium gold?

Gold visors just have a tinting applied. Iridium visors have a microfilm of iridium compound adhered to the plastic, making them far superior, and identical in appearance to Chief's.

Btw, GREAT find Darth. If I had any money, I'd order mine right now.
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well i've just blown a shitload of money...

from the inside, do they still look the same?

is the gold shield (not iridium) easily scratched, and the gold comes off?
I would be wary.....

Why would someone buy those shields and then sell them at such a HUGELY under-marked value?

Are the shields legitimate Shoei brand?

Are they in 100% condition?

Why does he only have 1 post?

Did he *really* get them at an auction? or is there a reason that he is trying to "get rid" of them??

If someone hears back from him or gets a shield PLEASE post so we know what the deal is with this guy.

I for one am giving him NO money until i know someone has the product in hand.
i went to the local harley shop and they said the shoei brand are minimum $90.

i would also watch out.

another problem is shipping time if you're trying to get it done by halloween
blakiki said:
I e-mailed him, but I dunno if i wanna take a chance like that

i emailed this guy too
but im only gunna be paying in paypal so he cant jack my money :p
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