Delta Battalion Deployment Pre-Checks


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In the local area we have a lot of builds by all of the talented armourers in our region and luckily we have the Delta BMO CplYapFlip and Canadian RMO TurboCharizard living within our borders to help get you ready for Deployment!

Most importantly we want to make sure that you've reached Membership status requirements (50 posts and 90 days on your account) to be a Canadian Regiment Member.

Once that has been confirmed, we can help prepare you for the Deployment process. Deployment is entirely optional but can be worn as a badge of pride worn with your Deployment ID and certificate that will be given to you on completion.

The most important aspects of Deployment are your finished suit photos and your armour/character designations. Luckily with the many local conventions your BMO/RMO can help take photos for you and help talk you through the application form in person but this thread will serve as an option between meetups to help you get ready to have your work critiqued by the Division Membership Officer for final approval.