DENVER/COLORADO Meet and Greet (and those willing to travel)


Hey all,

This is for everyone in the Regiment who wants to, but mainly figuring the attendees will be locals, but thinking of hosting a 405th Meet and Greet, perhaps a build party. Figure maybe we can all get together for some food and drinks somewhere.

So whom would like to do so? Also where, when, what time? I figure a meet up for dinner and what not first, then we can plan ahead for a build party. I know we have a very large garage with lots of tools, so I figure those who would like to do come can bring any of your projects and tools you might want (we are limited on dremels and exacto knives) but just have a social build day.

Anyone? Bueller?


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I'd love to get together. I know we have one going to boot camp soonish, but what does everyone have going on schedule wise. I know it gets hectic around the holidays. I was supposed to visit i Texas but now I'm pet sitting lol. As far as building, anyone great with electronics? It's my weak point atm.


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Twisting Neather (my husband) is leaving for Basic January 12th and will be gone until August 15th between AIT and jump School. I'd love to come out but it's just to far to travel alone without going to a con.


I'd love to join in, depending on location and time. I can bring Xacto blades and a heat gun for sure.


So we were talking about a Dave and Buster's night. How do yall feel of first local meet up there for dinner and games, then we can plan a build party shortly after?
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