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Denver Comic Con May 23-25 2015

Discussion in 'Mountain Regiment' started by SwedishNinja, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. SwedishNinja


    Hey all!

    I know we still have about 4 months until DCC but I wanted to start up a dialogue early so folks can have ample prep time and planning. This would be my first group meetup at a con so some of the vets should feel free to jump in with best practices, 405th policies, suggestions, etc...


    That being said, who here was planning on or is interested in some 405th representation at DCC this year?

    Reply with the following format
    • What build you plan on bringing including props or weps.
    • What days you plan on attending
    • Local or traveling
    • Time conflicts
    or whatever else you can think of.

    Ill start!
    SwedishNinja (Erik)

    • Master Chief Mjolnir Mark vi with grav hammer (I also have 2 plasma pistols, a plasma riffle, and a crap job ToysRus assault riffle conversion.)
    • All weekend
    • Local, living south of Denver in Centennial
    • I am hosting a panel one of the days and would prefer not to be geared up while presenting LOL
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  2. Angus314


    Angus314 (Gus)
    Halo reach mark VI helmet and standard body rig. Halo reach AR with a Halo reach Magnum.
    All weekend.
    Local. In Denver for the summer.
    No time conflicts apart from maybe wearing a couple other costumes.
  3. SwedishNinja


    Bumping this thread again to get some activity rolling. We have some great member in the MTN division and I know myself and others would love to see a noteworthy gathering at DCC to show off to the other regions!
  4. DragonMaster


    I will be at DCC but not sure if I'm bring MC with me for this con.
  5. Angus314


    I just got my tickets! Can't wait to see you all there!
  6. Barroth


    Well time to drop in on this forum post!

    Barroth (Cory)
    Halo ODST Helmet (Dutch Variant with a few add-ons), ODST Costume with two sniper variant shoulders. Primary: Black, Secondary: red/crimson. I don't have any weapons at the moment aside from nerf/airsoft stuff (subject to change if i have time)
    Local living Southeast of Denver in Centennial
    Can possibly have conflicts given I am at the con with family
  7. SwedishNinja


    I think we decided via the Facebook group to meet up Sunday, I'll chat with Gilmortar to figure out some times. I'll be in my MC all day sunday. I am also hosting a pretty fun panel Saturday if any of you are coming but can't make it Sunday, its called Versus! and its in room 304 at 1035 AM. Its a who would win nerd argument, MC is in the tournament so show up and lets see if we can bring the MC to the finals!
  8. Barroth


    Just checking so I don't get in trouble, how exactly do you cover up your weapon props?
  9. Gilmortar


    cover up? You mean, make them convention friendly?
  10. Barroth


    Beyond the orange tip is there anything else that has to be done, also is it best to just put the props in a bag upon exiting the convention?
  11. Gilmortar


    Not really, because none of the hotels are attached to the convention center in anyway, its normal for folks to be walking back and forth there in costume and with their props... best bit of advice, coming from me a Combat Infantryman in the Army.... don't play around with your weapon in public... and you won't have to worry.

    For the con though, I'm sure they will do a security check and PeaceBonding at the door as standard.
  12. Barroth


    So you haven't had any issue with steel/black coloring?
  13. Gilmortar


    Nah, I've even painted the orange tip off an airsoft, the real thing is not being an idiot (sorry it's the best way to say it). Don't point it at anyone, keep your finger off the trigger at all times, and when you aren't at the convention, don't carry it in any way to interpret as a weapon...is: carry it like this when you aren't at the convention Aussie-carrying-AK471-522x600.jpg

    Attached Files:

  14. Gilmortar


    As well guys and girls, I have posted a Meet Up thread on our facebook group, and here on the forums:


    we will be giving away some 40mm grenade castings, and a Destiny Ghost resin kit made by myself and Hydra. So GO SIGN UP!!
  15. Kyre


    I'll be coming in my Borderlands Psycho get up. I'm not certain what day, I can only do one ticket sadly. I'm local, and will have no other time conflicts though!
  16. SwedishNinja


    I posted this to the closed FB group already but if your not on there often here it is again.

    OK folks, heres the deal. We are going to get together Sunday afternoon for photos in the lobby of the convention center. It doesn't matter what you are wearing or if you have your armor done, we just want to meet in person and take a few pictures. What time works best for all of you? (if I don't hear anyone speak up Ill just pick something) I will be down there at the time we pick no matter what for a bit just look for the huge hammer.
    Gilmore/Hydraworx have generously donated a resin cast of a Ghost from Destiny that will be raffled off to anyone who shows up. Just show up, I'll give you a number, at the end of the meetup I'll pick a number and BoOm its all yours.
    I will also be hosting a panel at 10:35 AM Saturday in room 304 if anyone wants to pop in and say hi if you can't make it Sunday.
    Please feel free to PM me or comment here for any questions or time suggestions.
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  17. SwedishNinja


    Ok folks, since everyone is around all of Sunday and no one has any conflicts Im going to say we meet up around 1:45 pm in the lobby somewhere along the wall with the blue bear (on the inside) Ill be in my MC suit with grav hammer, you can't miss it!
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 2, 2017
  18. Angus314


    Sounds good!
  19. Barroth


    Unfortunately, I wan unable to make it downtown today and meet up with you guys, but here is what I wore to the con, in case any of you guys saw me.


    if it is rotated, I'm sorry my computer thinks it is vertical

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