Denver Comic Con Photo shoot


Hey all!

We are signed up for a Halo photo shoot at Denver Comic Con on June 18th at 2:15-2:30 PM Its on the stage in the main lobby just inside where the Blue Bear is located. Please show up no later than 2 PM so when our time comes up we can jump on stage and toss some poses. I don't know any professional photographers but I will have some of my handlers take a lot of shots and I will ask around for anyone willing to take some pictures. If you know anyone with a halo suit or any friends that are photographers please feel free to ask if they can make it. Since I went through DCC this is an open session, this means that anyone with a halo cosplay can jump up with us even if they are not 405th. Please let me know if you plan on making it so I can get a head count and if you have any questions or concerns give me a PM or hit me up on Facebook.