Deployed Members-Pacific regiment


405th Regiment Officer
Member DIN
This is the current list of deployed members in Pacific regiment. Updated 11/19/2023.

DIN S 024 SubXzeroXhero
DIN S 028 Saber
DIN S 033 Einhander
DIN S 064 gliderx64
DIN S 072 Sylvacan
DIN S 125 JSLund
DIN S 128 PerniciousDuke
DIN S 137 Roxas s Embers
DIN S 147 Bowye
DIN S 271 PapaBear271
DIN S 319 Kahn 319
DIN S 327 Badkitty
DIN S 328 ArcSol
DIN S 386 peterthethinker
DIN S 404 Lukavago
DIN S 412 GrmblBACHx
DIN S 420 NoviceRobes
DIN S 564 TrooperJasher
DIN S 707 RadMax117 (ODST)
DIN S 707 RadMax117 (Rakshasa)
DIN S 770 pipninja
DIN S 871 Thien
DIN S 953 Shadowpi3

Interested in being Deployed with the 405th, or learning more about the Deployment Process?
See this thread on the Forums:
Deployment FAQ

Request for deployment can be found here:

(This thread will be updated with new Deployed Members when applicable.)

Any questions on this process feel free to reach out to either Regiment or Battalion Staff!

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