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The following is the list of Deployed Members of the MidWest Regiment:

DIN-S002 JSnellArt
DIN-S111 Cadet
DIN-S194 smelms - Master Chief [Suit Retired]
DIN-S194 smelms - Linda-058
DIN-S194 smelms - ODST [Suit Retired]
DIN-S554 Phauxelate
DIN S-439 CoS Spartan058
DIN S-060 Spidermonkey60
DIN S-063 RandomRanger - Mark VI
DIN S-063 RandomRanger - Noble-6
DIN S-511 NobleofDeath16
DIN S-126 Negativecacti
DIN S-434 he4thbar
DIN S-922 ZP180

Interested in being Deployed with the 405th, or learning more about the Deployment Process?
See this thread on the Forums:
Deployment FAQ

And then fill out the form here:
(This thread will be updated with new Deployed Members)

*EDIT* Deployment Form Link Updated.
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Cadet can you remove my deployment as chief? I no longer have the suit. Thanks!
I wanted to leave a record of the accomplishment of getting the suit Deployed so I have marked the Suit as "retired," but kept it on the roll.
Deployed Members List Updated.
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