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Division PR and RCO
Division Staff
405th Regiment Officer
Member DIN
The following is the list of Deployed Members of the Midwest Regiment as of 12/14/2023:

DIN S-002 JSnellArt
DIN S-111 Cadet
DIN S-194 smelms - Master Chief [Suit Retired]
DIN S-194 smelms - Linda-058 [Suit Retired]
DIN S-194 smelms - ODST [Suit Retired]
DIN S-554 Phauxelate
DIN S-439 CoS Spartan058
DIN S-060 Spidermonkey60
DIN S-063 RandomRanger - Mark VI
DIN S-063 RandomRanger - Noble-6
DIN S-511 NobleofDeath16 - ODST [Suit Retired]
DIN S-126 Negativecacti - Mk VII Spartan
DIN S-126 Negativecacti - Gen 2 Spartan
DIN S-434 he4thbar
DIN S-922 Fallen - MK VII Spartan
DIN S-324 LegacyAlloy227
DIN S-419 Wicked Demon 15
DIN S-402 SpartanSweed
DIN S-795 Sierra Charlie
DIN S-324 LegacyAlloy227
DIN S-829 MrJamin
DIN S-074 Wayward Flood - MK V Hybrid CE/CEA
DIN S-097 CrimsonViper97 - MK VII Spartan
DIN S-322 Infernalaxe
DIN S-919 CherriDragon
DIN S-216 Negativecacti
DIN S-698 Off Earth - Landfall ODST
DIN S-118 marinesniper - Infinite Master Chief
DIN S-144 Emp Frosty - MK VII Spartan
DIN S-149 SigmaProps - Rakshasa Spartan

Interested in being Deployed with the 405th, or learning more about the Deployment Process?
See this thread on the Forums:
Deployment FAQ

And then fill out the form here:
(This thread will be updated with new Deployed Members when applicable.)

Already Deployed and looking to get a Trading Card?

Now that you've been successfully deployed, you're eligible to request a deployment trading card. For more information on this, please see the following thread:

Deployment Trading Cards


Contact Asgardianhammer for more details if you're interested.
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Just wanna remind all you fine folks who are deployed; get your trading cards made! They basically function as your 405th business cards. Cadet for example had his done and they look wonderful And having them for folks at the booths is a awesome way to spread your work around!
This should be updated now. Id love if folks wanted to post their best photos of their deployed suits here someday, to sorta keep a thread going of what you guys have created!!
my Tier3 MKVI (GEN 3) master chief Infinite Armor (changed because confused some people with how i had it worded)


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There’s specific photos division will want for deployment, there’s some examples in JT’s folder for Galaxy
Noble asked for people to "post their best photos of their deployed suits" not for the deployment photos. He also said in the future though.
Mk.VII waiting for deployment. Rakshasa is deployed


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