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    Attention Troopers, the 405th's Deployment Process has been rolled out to all members.

    If you have a completed costume, fulfill the requirements of having 90 days and 50 posts, and are 18 years old, you can fill out the Deployment Application Here: 405th Halo Costume and Prop Maker Community.

    Here are examples of what your pictures should be like:

    Division will review your photos along with your form and be in contact with you should they have any questions or require more information or clearer pictures. This contact will happen by email. Please note that currently there are only two Division Membership Officers, so it may take up to a week or a little longer to here back from Division.

    Division will then place your gear within one of the 3 Tiers based on the following:

    Tier 1
    a. Armor fits adequately.
    b. Soft parts may or may not match game/screen references.
    c. Armor seams may be more prominent than shown in game/screen references.
    d. Footwear is adequate but may not match game/screen references.
    e. Detailing is present but perhaps not complete.
    f. Note: The average Halo fan may notice some differences with the references.

    Tier 2
    a. Armor fits well and is strapped/attached well to accommodate movement etc.
    b. Armor seams are adequately hidden from a distance of 10 feet.
    c. Edges give the impression that it is armor, and not plastic/foam/resin etc.
    d. Soft parts are closer to being game/screen accurate.
    e. Paint properly reflects the desired “look” but may require some more refining.
    f. Footwear is appropriate to the costume.
    g. No major detailing missing and most minor details are present.
    h. Note: The average Halo fan is likely not going to notice differences with the references without close inspection.

    Tier 3
    a. Armor fit and strapping are not an issue.
    b. Armor seams are not evident even within 5 feet.
    c. Edges are near to flawless and give the impression that it is armor and not plastic/foam/resin etc.
    d. Soft parts fit the wearer properly to the desired character and game/screen accurate in terms of detailing
    e. Paint and detailing matches the desired “look” of the referenced images.
    f. Footwear matches the game/screen reference.
    g. Most major and Minor Details are present.
    h. Note: Costumes at this level will appear to have walked right out of the game. Even so, it is overall fit and look that allows a member to achieve this level and not a need for every detail to be perfect down to the smallest degree.

    If you have any questions about the process please feel free to ask them here, I was one of the test participants for the Deployment application process.

    Additionally, if you would like feedback on your costume before you submit it, feel free to post here, or to send myself, Or Lauren, Lazkin , a PM or tag us in your build thread.

    EDIT: Edited to reflect new Deployment process.
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    What if our costume is a non-armor variant? I am completing a Corbulo PT uniform (t-shirt with uniform pants), and since it is a very simple costume, I don't really know if it could even be judged into a tier. Can I still apply for deployment with that, or do I need to complete my armor first?
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    The 405th is for all Halo costumes, UNSC or Covenant, soft goods or armor. If you can provide a screen shot from Forward Unto Dawn as reference to show it is a canon costume from the Halo Universe, and to judge your version against, it should be more than acceptable.

    Unless FANGS or one of the Division Membership Officers feels different.
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    Absolutely correct. If it exists in the Halo universe, it can be reviewed. Deployment is not just for armored costumes.
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    Good morning everyone. Our new Division Membership Officer Jack, Sierra 107 on the boards, has settled into his new role and is happy to announce that Deployments are live again, and he is eagerly taking Deployment applications.

    You can find out more in the FAQ thread here:
    Deployment FAQ

    But the quick version is that Deployment is an optional program for our members 18 years old and older who have a completed costume. It is a program that rewards you for completing a build and gives you a grading of the level of accuracy you achieved in your build. Note that within the 405th, higher level accuracy builds do not have any special permissions, access, or benefits than a "lower level" accuracy deployed member. All deployment levels fit into the same membership category, “Deployed Member.”
    The Deployment form can be found here:
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    Additional: Please remember that you need to include pictures like those in my first post that showcase your entire costume, Full Body Front, Back, and Side. Otherwise Jack and Mara can not evaluate your gear and your application will be bounced back until you provide the necessary pictures.

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