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Congratulations on building your first Halo costume! You've taken your first step into a larger world. If you wish to delve deeper into your passion, your next step is the Deployment system.

AugmentedHuman013 is the current Division Membership Officer if you have any further questions not covered by this FAQ

What is Deployment?
Deployment is an optional process where a 405th member may submit their completed costume for evaluation and sorting into one of three (3) tiers based on the accuracy of their build and it’s fit to the wearer.

Do I have to be Deployed to be a member of the 405th?
No. Anyone over the age of 13 is free to create an account and join the 405th forums and make use of all the resources found on 405th.com including The Armory regardless of Regimental affiliation or Deployment status. However, you must be over 18 to submit a Deployment application.

Do I have to be Deployed to join a Regiment?
No. Anyone who has an account with at least 50 posts who has been on the site for 90 days may request to join their local regiment. A completed costume is not a prerequisite to joining a regiment.

What can a non-deployed member do in a Regiment?
Any Regimental members over the age of 18 may vote in any Regimental election and may be appointed by the Regimental Commanding Officer (RCO) to a Regimental Position such as Regimental Executive Officer (RXO) or Regimental Membership Officer (RMO). Non-Deployed members may attend any event that has not had any limitations placed on it by Division Command, Regimental Command, or the Event Requester.

There are events that Non-Deployed members can’t do?
They are very rare, probably less than 1% of events, and usually are born out of a specific request for certain characters or based on specific requirements for a High Profile event. These requests or requirements come from the person, organization, or company approaching the 405th asking for our participation in their events. However, if no requests or requirements are given, all Deployed and non Deployed costumes are free to attend the event. The over whelming majority of 405th events, and the default view on events, is that all costumes are welcome.

If these events are Rare, why is there a Deployment System?
The deployment system is not designed wholly for event participation. It is also meant as an acknowledgement and celebration of a member’s hard work on their costume as well as an encouragement and goal for new members starting out on their great journey into the costuming world.

What else aren’t Non-Deployed Members allowed to do?
Aside from the very rare events that are limited to deployed members only, moving forward, the only “restriction” on non-deployed Regimental members is that those who wish to run for the Regimental Commanding Officer position in the yearly election must be a deployed member. Any Regimental Member, deployed or not, may nominate an RCO candidate, vote in the election, and serve in an appointed Command Staff position, but the position of RCO will be limited to Deployed members. This is because these members have demonstrated a dedication to the 405th and their local Regiment, an understanding of the practices and policies of the 405th, and an understanding of the skills needed to create a Halo costume.

What are the Tiers for Deployment?
Tier 1 is for those that have successfully completed a Halo Universe costume, but might have inaccuracies or have some fitting errors.
Tier 2 is for those costumes that have achieved a superior level of fit and accuracy, but might still be missing some details.
Tier 3 is for those costumes that have achieved a level of accuracy and fit that they appear to have stepped right out of the game.

Are there different benefits to each Tier?
When it comes to Deployment, a Deployed Member is a Deployed member. Within the 405th, higher level Tier members do not have any special permissions, access, or benefits than a lower Tiered member. All three deployment levels fit into the same membership category, “Deployed Member.” The only time the Tier level might come into consideration is if an outside Event Requester specifically asks for certain costumes or places certain requirements for a High Profile event.

Is there a way to keep track of my progress through the Tier system?
At this time there is no way to keep track, albeit being informed of your deployment status. We have plans to introduce a Deployment Scorecard, which will help you take note of whatever suggestions/help you are given after receiving your Tier ranking. We plan to introduce this sometime before Q3 2017!

What costumes are eligible for Deployment?
There are three main criteria for a deployable costume:

1. Is it a costume from the Official Halo Universe?
In order to be deployed, a costume must be from an official Microsoft or 343i source. While this is primarily the games, Graphic Novels, Live Action Productions, Animated Projects, and even some concept art from Official published; Art Books can be considered.

Additionally, the 405th recognizes the partnership with Bungie and later 343 Industries that Rooster Teeth’s Red vs Blue series has had. As such, some variants seen in Red vs Blue but not seen in game, such as Insurrectionist ODSTs, Project Freelancer members and other world characters may be considered for Deployment.

Fan art and even art from known Concept Artists that has not been published in an official source or publication is not a basis for deployment. Any concept art must be published by an official source either through Halo media, or on the artists profile on Artstation.

2. The costume must have a visual reference to be compared to and judged against.
One of the primary aims of Deployment is to celebrate a member’s recreation of a Halo Universe costume. As such, there must be something to compare the finished costume to when determining the accuracy of someone’s build. The visual reference should be of sufficient detail and clarity to accomplish this. This can be achieved via sources such as games, Live action/Animated projects, Graphic novels, and concept art from Novels/Art books.

Additionally, keep in mind that UNSC, Covenant, Forerunner and civilian costumes are eligible for Deployment. Each costume has it's own categories.

3. It must be a completed costume.
In order for a costume to be eligible for Deployment, it must be complete. Partial costumes or costumes missing components or pieces seen in the visual reference will not be considered for Deployment.

What categories are there for costumes?
There are four categories.
  • Armor,
  • Uniforms,
  • Constructs, and
  • Aliens.
Could you explain what each category is for?

Armor is for costumes such as Spartans, ODSTs, Marines, Army, Pilots, and Military Police.
Uniforms is for costumes such as Officers, Scientists, Crew members, and Ceremonial uniforms.
Constructs is for costumes based on AI characters, such as Cortana, Deja, Roland, and Mendicant Bias.
Aliens is for costumes such as Elites, Grunts, Prometheans, as well as the Didact and Librarian.

That was a lot to read! So... how do I apply for Deployment?
To send in your Deployment Application, go to our "Requests" page:
and click Request Deployment:
Please ensure that all details are filled out, and images are attached. We need full body images of your costume. We cannot accurately inspect your costume if we can't see it! We need images of your costume that show the front, both sides, and the back.

So it's really that simple?
Yes, it is! Please note, that as stated before, Deployment is optional, and will not directly affect your experience with the 405th. AugmentedHuman013 is looking forward to helping you progress further with the 405th!

These are examples of the images that should be included in your application:
View attachment 271547 View attachment 271548 View attachment 271549 View attachment 271550

The Following are General Guidelines, remember that each Costume is graded individually and a ier Report is generated based on multiple different factors: Fit, Finishing, and Accuracy:

Tier 1 Guidelines:

-Costume must be based on a published, official Halo Universe source, including Games, Comics, Novels, and Art Books.
-Costumes based on Concept Art are applicable for Deployment when the designs have been published in an Official Microsoft or 343 Industries publication, such as a “Art of” of book. Designs posted on an individual Artist’s website but not seen in an official publication are not applicable.
-No original, fan designed Armor Sets, permutations, or components are applicable for Deployment.
-Costume must be complete with all primary components must be present.
(Primary components will be determined on a costume by costume basis. An item or component becomes optional for Deployment when in game or in universe references show that an item or component varies in appearance, location, or presence. Examples include pouches or ammo bandoliers on ODSTs or armor/helmet accessories in Halo Reach Armor. Any missing primary components make a costume ineligible for Deployment.)
-Costume may have inaccuracies in color on Under suits, soft goods, and in Armor paint jobs. E.G. ODST Camo Under suit colors or Armor paint job may feature colors or patterns not seen In Game.
-Costume details may be “soft” or not well defined. If all armor or Primary Components are physically present, some details maybe missing or omitted for Tier 1.
- “Polygonal” appearance from use of Pepakura may be present. Armor has not been sanded smooth.
-Seams in Foam Armor may be present.
-Armor may lack a Neck Seal for SPARTANS and ODSTs.
-Armor may have fitting or proportion scaling issues. E.G. Slightly oversized pieces.
-Armor Under suits or “Tech Suits” may lack details. Under suits may be plain fabric like Underarmor or Morphsuits.
-Weathering, including physical damage, black washes, dirt, grime, and exposed silver paint may be either more or less than depicted In Game or in Visual references.

Tier 2 Guidelines:

-If present In-Game, costume must have a Neck Seal.
-Costume may still have inaccuracies in colors or patterns in armor paint schemes.
-Costume may have “Non-canon” paint details or decals that simulate armor graffiti or personalization.
-Armored costume under suits will have greater details and be a better match to in game references. E.G. ODSTs will not have a camouflage pattern Under suit, Halo 3 Marines will select a camouflage pattern that better replicates in game reference rather than using Current Military camouflage such as MARPAT or ACU.
-Halo 4 and 5 tech suits will exhibit details, but may still be lacking complete texture replication. Tech Suit details may be printed, painted, or dye sublimated on Fabric.
-Armor pieces must be sanded smooth. Method of construction must not be determined by appearance of piece.
-Armor sets having Handplates will have physical handplates in the correct shape and style. For Tier 2 repainted "Paintball" padded gloves are not acceptable.

Tier 3 Guidelines:

-Costume must appear to have virtually “Stepped off the screen.”
-Costume must have an In-Game or In-Universe, published, visual Reference that it matches to.
-Colors and Paint Scheme or Pattern must match references.
- Costume proportions must match In Game appearance and costume must be fitted to the wearer.
-Details must be replicated as close as possible and be present.
-Under suit details are recreated physically rather than being painted or printed. This may include actually sewing seams in an accurate position, or the use foam, rubber, or leather pieces glued or sewn in place to recreate raised details.
-Armor attachment system and any strapping system are not visible.
-Weathering patterns, details, and appearance must be replicated as close as possible and be present.
- “Optional Accessories” like Pouches or ammo bandoliers on characters like ODSTs or Marines that exhibit a variety of placement schemes In-Game must be shown to match an In-Game reference.
-Individual costumes and costume types will have different Tier 3 Specific Details that must be present. Examples include: “Layered” padding or armor on interior of ODST Thighs, Under suit Details on Halo Reach styled SPARTAN abdominal areas, Under suit details on Halo 4 and 5 “Tech Suits.”

Special Categories:

“Mash Up” Costumes

-These are Halo costumes “mashed up” with Pop Culture characters. Examples include “Captain America” SPARTANs or “HALO Kitty.”
-These costumes are only approvable at a Tier 1 Level.
-Popular Culture mash up may be generated by paint scheme or addition of Non-Canon accessories.
-Costume must have a complete Halo Universe costume as a base with all Primary Components of that costume present.
-Additional details must be cosmetic in applications only, so if they were removed the base costume would still be a Deployable Tier 1 costume.

“Mix and Match Armor”

-These are Costumes that mix armor components from across different games or media in a fashion not seen or described in any In-Universe media or references. Examples include Halo 4 armor with Halo Reach Components, such as Halo 4 chest, arm, and leg armor, with a Halo Reach Cod/Butt armor and Helmet, or use of a Forward Unto Dawn helmet with Halo 3 Mark VI armor.
-These costumes are only approvable at a Tier 1 Level.
-Usage of different armor pieces must be symmetrical, e.g. Both Shins must be from the same game, Front and Back armor must be from the same game, so as to create a more uniform look.
-Mix of no more than 3 game armor styles.
-Mix and Match of pieces from the Game Timeline and the Television Series "Silver Timeline" will fall into this category and be locked at a Tier 1 level.

The Following are the Division Identity Numbers, or DINs, that have been awarded as of [April 1st, 2022]
If my number was approved, how would i know? I think two of mine are on here


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Member DIN
If my number was approved, how would i know? I think two of mine are on here
I just checked and your Application is still in processing with the DMO and has not been finalized, so, you have not been awarded your DIN yet. Once your application has been processed you will revive a message from the DMO with your Deployment certificate which will have your DIN on it.


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Member DIN
May have missed one, 402
Apologies, it seems to have been on my second page of notes and I missed it.
If anyone else does not see there number, let me know. Kevin maintains the official DIN list, but I can't access it from my work PC, and was just working off my local notes for this informal listing.

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