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I'm just trying to figure out why is it taking a month to get an update on my deployment status for my Spartan? Been waiting forever now and still nothing,


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As was stated in your first thread:

Kevin, AugmentedHuman013, is the Division Membership Officer in charge of Deployments. Kevin is a volunteer, working on processing applications in his free time. Unlike in other Costuming Organizations, a completed costume or completed Deployment is not required for membership and a completed Deployment is in fact not a bar to entry to any activity or area of these Forums, I ask that you give Kevin some patience as he works through the current list of Applications.

I am sorry that the process is not proceeding fast enough for you, but I will reiterate, the Deployment process is not really a bar to entry to any activity, section of the Forum, merchandise (aside from the possibility of a Deployment Trading Card), or event with in the 405th. I would think that since Deployment does not truly impact one's membership in the 405th and is instead about getting unbiased and impartial feedback on your build while acknowledging and celebrating a member for finishing a costume, that taking the time to make sure each costume is given a thorough review would be more important than the speed at which the application is processed.

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