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Exciting news!

The Community Support Staff have come up with a fabulous way for all of our deployed members to celebrate their hard work!

S1A Launch-page-001 (4).jpgS1A Launch-page-002 (4).jpg

The Deployment Card Launch.....errrmmm.....card is number 1 card in a series of 26 cards. Wheeeee! How many times can I say card?? CARDS!!!! Please note the glitter and confetti Recon Assassin added just for me!!

Seriously though, these cards are super fun and highly collectible!

Each series of 26 cards will start out with a generic card (Spoiler alert! Series 2 starts with our favourite little Guilty Spark, 581!)

PerniciousDuke arranged for these two initial cards for Series 1 and Series 2 to be be printed and they are being sent out to your Regiment Commanding Officers so you all can have a look.

PerniciousDuke is currently reaching out to members who are already deployed. We'll be working through things as fast as possible, but please understand that these do take time to make sure we get them just perfect for you.

What will you get? You'll get the files for a front and back, much like the Deployment Launch Card, and a recommendation of where to get them printed and instructions for doing so. It is 100% your choice whether you want a trading card created - you do not have to if you do not want to. You can also change your mind later if you originally say no, so don't think you only have that one opportunity. Understand, however, that we may not be able to get to your card for a little bit. You also do not have to get your card printed! That is completely your choice as well. And, you can choose a different vendor to get them printed at. We've only tried this one US vendor but there are definitely lots of others that will print trading cards.

For our International members, when you get your cards printed if you could share with us where you got them printed and how well it did, or didn't, work I'd be most appreciative! We'll keep a list of those things in Post #3 so that others have access to the information as well. If you are having trouble locating a printer please let me know and I'll reach out to other groups to find out who they use!

Post #3? Where the heck did Post #2 go? hehe

Post #2 is going to contain our spreadsheet of all of the cards so you can see who else you need to collect! We'll update Post #2 from time to time to keep it current.

Deployment Cards are for anyone who is deployed. It doesn't matter what Tier. The Art Department (Recon Assassin and Asgardianhammer) worked with PerniciousDuke in getting some super fun backgrounds for you to choose from so all you need is some great photos of you in your gear!

Watch your PM box for a message from us! It will be slow going at first but once we get caught up, these will be offered at the time of your Deployment.

Thanks to our wonderful Community Staff!!

EDIT: We've created a group on the forum for Deployed members. What does this mean for you? Nothing....haha But what it means to me is that I could add each of you to this group (which I have now done) and can now message you all at once! As such, anyone who is deployed will be receiving a message about the Trading cards shortly. One issue I've encountered though is that the backend message function does not allow me to add photos or format in the usual way so until I get that figured out, I'm adding the frame and background choices here. Once you receive the message and decide if you would like to create a card, please include the Option # that you wish to use for your card from the below options in your message back to me:

Option #1Halo CE frame with your photo background
OWN - Halo CE.jpg
Option #2Halo 2 & 3 frame with your photo background
OWN - Halo 2-3.jpg
Option #3Halo Reach frame with your photo background
OWN - Halo Reach.jpg
Option #4Halo 4 frame with your photo background
OWN - Halo 4.jpg
Option #5Halo 5 frame with your photo background
OWN - Halo 5.jpg
Option #6Covenant frame with your photo background
OWN - Covenant.jpg
Option #7Halo CE frame with this background
Halo CE.jpg
Option #8Halo 2 & 3 frame with this background
Halo 2-3.jpg
Option #9Halo Reach frame with this background
Halo Reach.jpg
Option #10Halo 4 frame with this background
Halo 4.jpg
Option #11Halo 5 frame with this background
Halo 5.jpg
Option #12Covenant frame with this background

Card creation timelines are going to be dependent on a lot of factors, including how many responses we get, staff availability and response times from each member during their card creation. Please be patient with us as we do our best to get everyone a card!



As you may have heard, we are offering those members who are deployed the chance to have a Deployment Trading Card created by the 405th Art Team for you! Once it is completed, it will be for you to decide whether you simply use the electronic file for social media etc. or get it printed up for physical cards!

If you are interested, we'll need some information from you. First, you'll need a high quality photo of you in your deployed costume.

Secondly, we'll need you to choose the card layout. Unfortunately this group message system does not currently allow for the addition of photos so please visit the Deployment Trading Cards thread in the Announcements forum (Deployment Trading Cards) to see the available options for frames and backgrounds. When you respond, you'll need to include the Option # of what you'd like to use.

And finally, we'll need some information for the back of the card.

1. The name you wish to be on the back of the card. This can be your real name or your forum name. Keep in mind that your forum name will be on the front.

2. We'll need a photo of you for the back - usually this is buckets off, however, should you not wish to have your face on the card it can be a helmeted photo.

3. Your location - this is also optional or could be as vague as just the country or state you live in.

4. Costume classification, choose one from the below list:


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I am very excited this project is coming to fruition. I have been working with our graphics guys, Asgardianhammer and Recon Assassin, for two full years on this project. Countless hours have already been spent between the three of us. It was a big undertaking for all of us considering it is something we will be creating hundreds and hundreds of cards for free to people all across the world. It will still be many more hours to actually create them, but I believe it is time well spent as a reward for the talented compassionate crafters we have in our community.

We want everyone to be happy with what we create, but when it is your turn to work with us please keep in mind we are not getting paid for this and we can't give special treatment to some and not others. The "doesn't hurt to ask" mentality doesn't really apply here because if every person asks for special treatment it will take us a lot longer to respond and create everyone's card.
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We want everyone to be happy with what we create, but when it is your turn to work with us please keep in mind we are not getting paid for this and we can't give special treatment to some and not others.
If you folks need an extra hand in doing this please let me know. I work in graphic design quite a bit for my actual job, so lending a hand with something like this wouldn't be a big deal for me. Always happy to help this awesome community where I can.
Can I have a set for collection please? :)
Regiment COS are being sent the physical "Launch" card that Division Staff had printed, so it will be up to them to distribute the Launch card.

After that only the digital files will be sent out, so it will be up to each individual member who has a Deployment Trading Card made to decide If and How they want their cards printed, and how they want to give them or trade them out.
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