Deployments back up starting June 1, 2017

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Good morning, European Regiment!!

As I'm hoping you've seen, Deployments are well underway now. We've asked for all Regiment Staff to post about it in their Regiments so that we're sure everyone has the information, however I'm seeing that hasn't happened here as of yet.

Please follow this link to the FAQ on Membership that gives you all of the different tiers to help understand the differences: Membership FAQ

This link will take you to the FAQ on Deployment: Deployment FAQ

The form for Deployments can be found in the top menu bar under "Application Forms".

Please be sure to include suitable photographs with your application. The photos need to be well lit and whenever possible against a plain background - blank wall, closet doors, garage door etc. The photos need to be full length, front, back and each side so that Sierra 107 and CommanderPalmer can properly look at your entire costume.

If you have any questions whatsoever - please contact Sierra 107 and CommanderPalmer - our Division Membership Officers, my Executive Officer Cadet or myself at any time and we'll do our best to assist you.

If you're currently working on a build, we highly encourage you to work with your Regiment Staff for assistance - nintendstroid, Raigal and rundown.

Thank you, everyone!
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