Designing holistic marketing activities


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Brands are not built by advertising alone. Customers come’s to know a brand through a range of contacts, personal observation and use, word of mouth, interactions with company personnel, online or telephone experiences and payment transactions. So there are various supporting mediums through which a product actually reaches to the customers.

The strategy and tactics behind marketing programs have changed dramatically in recent years. Marketers are creating brand contacts and building brand equity through many avenues such as clubs and consumer communities, trade shows, event marketing, public releases, press releases and so on. Any of these medium can be positive or negative. The companies must put as much effort into managing all these activities as it helps them from the beginning to the end. Although the judicious choice of brand elements and secondary associations can make important contributions to build brand equity, the primary input comes from the product or service and supporting marketing activities.

A brand gets sealed into the mind of customers or in general to the common people only if a wise and reliable source of medium is used to convey what the producer actually intend to make them know. Radio was the oldest or the primary medium been used for it. Now magazines have a great role in conveying the messages. The layouts of the pages that they use, the type of paper they use to display the ads are all crucial factors. The ads in magazines gets more listeners as t use costly pages just for the ads in between the ordinary papers. To make it more attractive, magazines looking for models will also be selective.