Desolate's Halo Suit... New Pics Page 5

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So i have been working on this for awhile i thought i would post some pics on here to see what people say about it..




i hope some of you like it remember this is on a mannaquin i have wore it but i am to tired today to have a photoshoot haha..
Helmet looks like it suffered a little from its own weight during manufacture and deformed a little, but it's a cool looking suit....

Looks like Wyoming.

I like the unique approach with the articulated greaves (lower leg pieces).
thanks guys i am in need of weapons.. i have the start of a brute spiker but i would rather have a assault rifle or something.. does anyone have any for sale?
You look sweaty and P1$$ed off! :shock:

Nice suit. The paintjob is really doing it for me.

Nicely done!
i love how every says i look sweaty and pissed off well the under suit is what i use for me vader suit it like a jump suit sort of deal.. it works for the time being until i can afford something better
i know it is funny to me.. i was walking around the neighborhood testing it out to see if any thing was going to fall off.. the only part that fell off was the toe piece.. what is the best way to mount that piece?
this is freakign awesome. helmet goes good with that suit. Straighten up that belt and you're good to go!

I screwed my toe pieces on with 3 screws each directly into the boots.
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