Destiny 2 Stryker's Sure Hand 3D model


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I decided to make a 3D model of the Stryker's Sure Hand, a sword from Destiny 2. I modeled it entirely in Solidworks. I plan on eventually 3D printing and finishing it, but for now I just wanted to make the model.
Styrker's Sure Hand.PNG


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I made some more versions of the sword to add options for how to build it. Version 1 is the 4 parts that were already posted in this thread with built in connectors. Version 1 Halved is the same as Version 1 but cut symmetrically in half to make the parts easier to print. Version 2 has slots for adding 1/4in diameter steel rods to reinforce the sword. Both new versions have been uploaded onto my CGTrader 3D printable model Strykers Sure Hand | CGTrader in addition to the previous one and the full model.

Version 1 Halved

Version 2

I'm also going to be making a separate build thread for this sword soon
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