Destiny 2 Stryker's Sure Hand build


This is the start of my official build thread for my Stryker's Sure Hand from Destiny 2 that I modeled. I've decided that I'm personally going to make my version 2 of the model which will have the steel beam reinforcements.

I'm going to try to make this thread like a set of instructions as I make this build in order to help anyone else who wants to build their own sword. The STLs are available for purchase here 3D printable model Strykers Sure Hand | CGTrader

Today I printed out my first part, SSH V2 Part 1. I used 10% infill and 0.2mm layer height. Currently the second SSH V2 Part 1 is being printed. Since all of the parts were cut in half and are symmetrical, each of the 4 parts will be printed out twice for a total of 8 parts.

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After printing out two of the SSH V2 Part 1, I printed out my first SSH V2 Part 2. I used the same infill and layer height for part 1. Personally I wish I did 0.1mm layer height instead so I would have less filling and sanding to do, but oh well, I'm going to stick with it to keep everything consistent. Also even though it would have fit on the bed normally, I decided to rotate the part 45 degrees just to be sure there was enough space. I am currently printing on a 400x400mm bed, but if you're printing on something like a Cr10 s5, which has a 500x500mm bed, then there should be plenty of room no matter the angle. I have now started printing my second SSH V2 Part 2



I decided to print out both of the SSH V2 Part 3's at the same time using the same infill and layer height as the previous parts. Unfortunately one of the parts warped around the edge so I'm going to reprint it. Each part is only about 40g of filament so it's not too big of a deal, plus stuff like this happens every now and then when printing. For now, here's the part that came out good and how it's supposed to look. Once the second copy is done printing I'm going to move on to printing the parts of the last file.



Printed out both of the SSH V2 Part 4's again with the same infill and layer height as the last parts

Those were the last two 3d printed parts so here's what all 8 of the parts should look like separately

I also picked up the steel rods that fit in the inside slots for reinforcement. There should be 4 rods each 1/4in in diameter and 15in for length. I picked out two 36in steel rods at Home Depot and was able to get them cut by an employee at the tool rental section.

I also wanted to see how well the rods fit into the parts before I start assembling them and they fit perfectly in place! Not too tight and not too loose.


I started assembling the sword today. I decided to start off with the handle and the tip of the blade. The first thing that I did was lightly sand all of the sides that will be covered with an adhesive so that way it will have something to grip to. It might be hard to see but if you closely look, this is one of the parts after sanding.

After sanding, I wiped away any dust or dirt to prepare for laying down the adhesive. I ended up using super glue which works really well with PLA plastic and not too much is needed. Once the rods and both halves of the parts were glued together, I pressed down on them for a bit to make sure there was good contact. One of the halves for the handle was slightly curved (I think it was from when I removed it from the print bed) so I used some clamps that were around to help hold it together while the glue dries. The box for the glue said it will take 24 hrs for it to fully cure, so I just left the parts as seen below and I'll let them sit there until they're fully cured.