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    I was wondering how do you all go about creating templates for armor foam. I have an idea for my body armor but how do you all see the back of the armor when in game I can't see anything due to me already incorporate my cloak on my hunter? There a certain tool or site you use to see 3d view of armor? Any help would be appreciated.
    Have any of you done the Inifinty Lines Vest from Future War Cult?
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    There's a couple of threads on this. I have used the website to find the 3d files. You can then import that into your CAD software of choice to remove extraneous elements like cloth or unwanted parts. This takes a little cross referencing with the game to see what material you think each part should be. This can be things like thickness of material, or a different texture. It's all in planning. Once you know which parts will be foam, you can import the model into Pepakura. Once it's in Pepakura use the 3D pane to find the faces that are external. You can split parts up (Using the split tool) and remove un-needed faces by drag them off the white print area on the 2D pane. You can adjust the threshold (under other settings) and attempt to remove faces. Pepakura is build for paper, which easily bends in one dimension. Foam can easily bend in three dimensions, and needs less faces to look seamless. I would run through YouTube to find 3D to Pep videos to explain this better. I listed some good Foam and Pepakura references below.

    Good references:
    - Stuck thread in "Halo Pepakura Costumes":
    Pepakura and Cardboard Armor Stuck Thread Index
    - Punished Props: Punished Props
    - Evil Ted Smith: Evil Ted Smith
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