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    Hey 405th,
    Originally i wasn't going to post this build. I didn't take many pictures up until now... I'll do my best to explain what I've done so far.
    Here's a sketch I did of the colors I'll be using.

    Starting with mummifying myself with masking tape and cling wrap


    I made patterns using that. also, when cutting the tape form off of you make sure you add registration so that you can tape is back together properly.
    Here's my rough masking tape patterns:

    _DSC0279.JPG _DSC0280.JPG

    Tape to clean paper patterns, all i do to clean them up is make curves more uniform and lines straighter :

    _DSC0281.JPG _DSC0282.JPG

    From those new paper patterns I made a muslin out of old bed sheets and tweeked the pattern accordingly and the final pattern pieces are all done.

    Then I started building the armor:

    I don't have many pics of this process but its pretty easy to explain so...

    I traced the armor pattern that I just made onto my EVA floor mats and glued the pieces together using contact cement, I've used hot glue before and I don't like how I feel rushed to put it together and then having to hold both sides together as it dries, I find its too fast and too slow at the same time :/ so contact cement works wonderfully as long as you actually let it dry before attaching the sides together. I live in canada and cant get Barge at a decent price so I used Lepage heavy duty, It's been working pretty well so far.

    Adding maker lines to match up on both pattern pieces will make the final piece way closer to the original shape you're going for. I made the chest plate twice because my first pattern was super disappointing and didn't give me the shape I wanted. the pattern pic above are my final pieces that worked for me.
    also, being the busty girl that I am made getting the shape more difficult than it would be for boys and flatter chested girls. To make the foam easier to shape with my heat gun I sanded off quite a bit of the texture side of the foam so its thinner and more malleable.

    the patterns for the arm braces and knee pads were made quickly just my taping paper to my arm and drawing the shape i wanted. Trace those to foam, cut it out and shape it with a heat gun.

    I used my Dremel a LOT. sanding the sides down, beveling, and adding some detail.

    Detailing the chest piece:

    4b6898ae-6a74-426f-84ca-fc19e996f83b.jpg e2a1392c-d4fb-4470-a1bd-9ccbba8e8ede.jpg

    grey is 1/2" foam, blue is 2mm craft foam. the black is a mesh, its the kind they use for padding on backpacks. the mesh covers all the seams. its all contact cemented down. no sewing involved just yet.
    heres what it looks like after painting in its current state: blue was airbrushed on, silver was hand painted.


    Same with everything else, patterned, cut, glued and shaped with a heat gun to get the nice bell shape. the detailed were also pattern in paper before getting cut out of foam. The electrical looking box thing int he pic on the right was roughly patterned and put together, it took some patience to get the curve right so that it sat on the shoulder nicely. the wires are just stripped housing electrical wires that i shoved into the box. the black is actually the texture side of my EVA foam; i shave it off pieces with my band-saw and re-glue it to add detail.

    _DSC0289.JPG _DSC0288.JPG


    All i have is the finished pic of the knee pads.. these were so easy, they took 1 night each to make.
    left: The little recessed deta dremel'd in. the paint pattern was cut out of masking tape like a stencil and sponged onto it.
    Right:made of 2mm craft foam. the "rivets" are nail heads that I cut off the ends and hot glued in place. not sure the pic is clear enough, but the texture was meant to look like leather, crumple tin foil up and iron in the wrinkles. pretty easy.


    Required sewing
    first i removed the texture side of the EVA foam because its the biggest pain when heat forming the foam, also i wanted them slightly thinner then they were. next i made the patterns for the detail. the fabric part is sort of quilted. i took 2 layers of that mesh and 1 layer of plain black fabric and sew'd the lines into it. then i sew'd the craft foam frame around the quilted area, trimmed the edges of the fabric and hot glued it down. it seemed more complicated than it was. i love the effect it gives though.


    Stapping was all pretty routine, lots of stretchy stuff and velcro. I fit the straps to how tight i wanted them using my sewing pins and I sanded down where the straps would attach and hot glued them in place. originally the chest was going to have the under arms strapped but i couldn't figure out a way to make that invisible so i glued the sides together and cut a seam in the back since there will be a cape covering it up.

    Thats it for now folks!

    Questions and comments are appreciated.

    Happy building :)
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    looks good, good luck hope to se more updates
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    Hey, thanks for the comment bran3nbusby117.

    the past few days I've finished my cape. I think its one of the original concepts of the trials of Osiris capes... its not in the game so that's what I'm assuming. anyways..

    also I added fur to my bracers and finished the detail on the chest plate.

    Here's the finished chest and bracer detail:
    _DSC0292.JPG _DSC0310.JPG

    finished cape and some fun pics trying it all on do far:

    _DSC0299.JPG _DSC0296.JPG

    I need to wear grey next time...

    next I'll be making a sniper rifle so I don't have to pose with my dinky hand canon.

    Questions and comments are appreciated.

    ta ta for now.
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    Great build and sanding! You did a fantastic job.
    Having the chest piece as an EVA base, (you can't tell in the pictures), but have you ever considered that it would've been too bulky? Or is that were the magical uses of the dremel save the day?
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    Looks really great so far! Destiny cosplay is cool because it's incredibly customizable but still pretty recognizable if you've ever played the game
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    BlazedStarbon- ya, I thought it might be too bulky at first but the only other options weren't ones I felt like trying :/ turns out its fine though I did sand a lot off the back side of the foam so that it would curve enough for me, that brought the bulk down quite a bit. I love my Dremel SO much.

    Jalean4- Thank you!! that's what I love about it, also because its really hard to tell when someone hasn't gone 100% accurate, there's a lot of error room.. (thats why I picked this as my first foam build :)

    Update! I started on my sniper rifle.

    I first made a template using Inkscape which btw has quite a few errors.... i fixed them for the build though

    Then I made a MDF core for it because its pretty stinking big and I don't want it flopping everywhere..

    I covered both sides in 1/2" floor mat foam and then built it up from there. I just eyeballed how high or low all the relief was, its not super accurate but it looks pretty cool.

    ae43c7d5-f49b-4b64-b352-051cb0c1118d.jpg 814742ab-c240-4361-8c14-096b898f0410.jpg

    Next will be the barrel and scope and then the paint. probably within the next few days.

    Thanks for checking out my build!
    Cya later.
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    I truly enjoy seeing people use coloured foam to highlight different areas on a gun. From a distance, it looks like the proper paint job, and up close I'm starting to wonder whether or not I should invest in a dremel to be on par with everyone's skills.

    How much sanding was required to get the front-half of the gun down to that size? I'd be interested in having a closer look on that end.
    Quick question: what dremel do you use? I've been looking between Canadian Tire and Home Depot for a cheap sale on one.
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    BlazedStarbon- Thanks! i like colored foam too. I would recommend getting a Dremel, they make cleanup and beveling so much easier. Mine is a corded Dremal 3000. the only sanding I did on the front was the bevels and just general cleaning up the edges.

    Heres some detail pics:
    _DSC0328.JPG _DSC0326.JPG _DSC0327.JPG _DSC0318.JPG

    Hopefully that helps
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    That's is looking awesome!!!! Well done!

    I can't wait for our next group photoshoot...hopefully in June or July....or both!!!
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    Thanks!! Me either!


    So I've finished the gun... finally. took way longer then I was expecting. for awhile I couldn't figure out how I wanted to attach the scope but I got it!

    so here's the gun in all its distressed glory:

    come close ups:
    _DSC0333.JPG _DSC0332.JPG _DSC0331.JPG
    _DSC0336.JPG _DSC0338.JPG

    The scope is PVC and foam. I attached it using 3 MDF board pieces slotted together with the gun and hot glued to the scope.

    All in all, I'm pretty proud of it. though next time I make a gun i'm going to build it around a dowel first. trying to drill a hole in foam and MDF is a pain and makes a stupid mess of everything. also, despite the MDF core its still pretty floppy on its side.

    Next up: The mask

    The con I'm wearing this to is in a week so I'm not sure how finished my mask will be but I'm going to build it out of a paintball mask I already own so if anyone has ever modded one for destiny, I'd love to hear about it. Or, if you just feel like you've got some good advise, that'd be awesome too.

    here's the mask I'll be using:

    _DSC0341.JPG _DSC0342.JPG

    PS. does anyone know how to make pics show up large?
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    Nice work on the rifle!
  12. Lady Cue

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    I always find the most impressive work to be work from scratch and making your own patterns. Granted it would be better if it was a Warlock rather than those ego filled Hunters ;)

    great job keep posting those pics
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    Haha! I love Warlock designs too. I picked a hunter because it gave me the opportunity to practice foam building and sewing, I gotta practice before I start my halo suit. Also because I played a hunter first but I’d play anyone.

    Update!! The last one unless I decide to rebuild parts

    I finished my helmet
    The profile of it stuck out pretty far so I dremeled part of the goggles so they sit closer to my face, then I painted them and added the foam details. I’m keeping it pretty simple mostly because I don’t really care for the look of the respirator parts and hoses.. :/ so it’s not very accurate but I like it more.

    _DSC0357 - Copy.JPG

    The shirt is mostly likely to change if I get in the mood to do it. I simplified it and didn’t end up using my pattern. But I am working with a time constraint so this one does the trick.

    Those bombs are V8 tomato juice cans all decorated.

    I also found some blue cube beads so I can carry around glimmer $_$

    Heres some pics… the light was bad.. oh well

    _DSC0351 - Copy.JPG _DSC0359 - Copy.JPG

    Attached Files:

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    you should put a red LED in the scope to signify zooming in.

    Sent from my SM-G920R7 using Tapatalk
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    That would be super sweet.. except that now that its all built I don't think I can anymore... no room for batteries

    more (better) pics:

    _DSC0366.JPG _DSC0373.JPG

    Also, I made myself a FB cosplay page where I will post my finished pictures from now on: Electricknite
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    Wow, this is great, great inspiration for my own hunter build OvO

    LS9BLUEDEVIL New Member

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    Really like your build electricknite and had a question because I plan on doing a Hunter for a comic con I will be attending but not sure how to go about armor. I have heard to try out EVA foam but never worked with it before. How did you go about the template for your armor?
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    LS9BLUEDEVIL I made a duct tape thing and cut the pattern from that. for a boys chest it should be a lot easier. the only thing is you have to cut the eva foam about a cm bigger all around the template so that it still fits you. for the knees, forarms and shoulders I kinda just watched a lot of youtube videos like evil Teds channel.
    Heres some pics of this cosplay:
    IMG_0605.JPG IMG_0606.JPG IMG_0607.JPG
    you can see the seam lines

    this is my updated osiris version from my profile:
    IMG_0600.JPG IMG_0602.JPG IMG_0603.JPG

    and this is the pauldron:
    IMG_0601.JPG the seam goes under the strapping

    just to show you how my seams worked out.

    I really recommend watching Evil Teds youtube channel.
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    Will be sure to watch those videos electricknite and those are some great close up shots of your work. I'm trying to go for this

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    nice! LS9BLUEDEVIL I would make the base and then add the detail with 2mm foam and strapping. To make the templates for the smaller detail lines and stuff, the easiest way is to build the base, cover it in painters tape and draw the details on it. then just transfer the tape to foam and cut it out. painters tape is better for this then masking tape because the glue on masking tape is stickier and could wreck the foam. if you only have masking tape you can stick it to your jeans and then use it. just to remove some of the stickiness.
    that's how I did the front of my Osiris chestplate:


    LS9BLUEDEVIL New Member

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    Thanks for all your assistance, and when you mean detail, you are talking about the black moldings correct? That chest piece looks great and how hard would you say is forming the Eva foam?im glad I found your thread and it is really insightful. I too am currently building a pep of the celestial nighthawk, I see yours and it looks freaking amazing.
  22. electricknite

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    LS9BLUEDEVIL ya, you could use the technique on the white part too. like make the basic shape of the .. bib? out of 1cm eva and then cover it in 2mm to make all the little indents look good. its easier then cutting material out.

    Thanks! I made that pattern from scratch too. I've got a background in sewing so I use those techniques a lot. Its made of the old paintball helmet, craft foam and spray foam. Your pep will probably be more accurate. mine was just a 1-day build and is only the front mask part. There's no back to it....

    LS9BLUEDEVIL New Member

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    Now that I look at it, it kind of does look like a bib lol. Thanks for that input too and found out Harbor freight carries some Eva foam mat electricknite
    *, mad props for you, that's a whole level of creativity and skill. But hey if you got the cloak, no need for back lol. I got the pep from Daschlenn on this forum. It's detailed and time consuming but I feel worth the time.

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