Destiny FWC hunter


405th Regiment Officer
Hey all,

So this is some work I’m doing that’s gonna be armor only so won’t really get to see the complete costume. But here’s some pics.

8933BA8C-D15D-49AF-BF59-2EDE15A67161.jpeg 3BF973B1-F487-4948-89CD-8218BBD4019B.jpeg 4F1CAE5F-844D-4E73-9A72-B0EA754C4026.jpeg

So you may have noticed that the opening in the helmet for head is barely large enough for my neck, so how did I get it on my head? Well you can see the cut line on that side pic. On the inside I placed some magnets in order to connect back with the front. I’ll post some pics on how I did that.