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Destiny Helmet file?

Discussion in 'Non-Halo Costumes and Props' started by KnavishPlum, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. KnavishPlum

    KnavishPlum New Member

    So I need some help. While starting to work on my Halo body, I have been playing Destiny 2 and have though, "I really want my D1 helmet in real life" I have an ODST helmet so that is check off the list.

    With the move to D2 and bungie removing the database for D1 items, things like the STL generator for D1 no longer work and the helmet I want isn't a "popular" helmet I guess, it was made in real life for a contest and used in the TTK live action trailer, but it isn't an iconic helmet.

    Its the Murvaux Type 0. It looks like this: Destiny™ TITAN | GEAR LEGENDARY: Murvaux Type 0

    So I ask, does anyone have an stl? or a pep file of this? I wish the generator would work.
  2. Crimmson



    It's not prepped for pep, only the raw file


    I haven't had time to work on files for a while now. Hope it helps you out somehow.
  3. KnavishPlum

    KnavishPlum New Member

    That is exactly what I needed, I wanna see if I can mess with it for 3d printing, thanks so much.
    Crimmson likes this.
  4. Crimmson


    Sure thing.

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