Destiny - Phoenix Strife - Foam Unfold - Entire Suit Download


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Good morning!

I finally finished doing all the retopology in Blender for this model and have unfolded the entire suit into foam templates. I purposely left out the small details in the armor because templates aren't needed for it. For the legs, I put the templates there for the shin part of the leg, but honestly, I wouldn't even print them. Just make a tube out of foam and form it. For the spikes on the shoulders, it's easy enough to just craft them without the template.

This was done for a personal project that I haven't finished yet. I just figured I'd share the files since there's not many Destiny files and the only ones I could find for the entire suit you have to pay for, which I think is BS. Unless it's commissioned, you shouldn't have to pay for them, but that's just me.

If you have any issues, just reply to this thread or message me and I'll get it fixed.

Download the zipped file here

(4share) DOWNLOAD


I use Winrar to zip/unzip. If you don't have it, it's free. Grab it on Google.




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Even though I play almost exclusively hunter, this looks like too much of an amazing build to pass up. It is super simple but looks great. Maybe if I didnt have so many projects. Your are a blessed sould for releasing these!
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