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Destiny2 Clan up time 405th

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Talk' started by RYNO 666, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. RYNO 666

    RYNO 666 Well-Known Member

    I went ahead and started a non official clan since the old one was abandoned. if anyone is interested in joining/admin. Let me know. If we have an official here that would like to head up this clan I'm ok with this as well. I know there is a timer on Clan creation so I wanted to make it before that runs out. Hopefully we can keep a presence inside of the world of Destiny.
    405th Costume/Prop makers Clan | Bungie.net
  2. RYNO 666

    RYNO 666 Well-Known Member

    Still looking for more members to add to the Clan. Join join join

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