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Okay, so alls i need really for my torso armor is the detials like the black vent things on the shoulders that little cross bar thing.

and how have some of you done the details on the back?

If any of you have templates or ideas or any help at all it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a ton

After building the pep model I would either get some thicker material or glue together a few pieces of card stock and cut them out to make the detail. For example Look at some pics of the under the brim details, sketch it out on whatever material you wish, but stack them on top of each other first so 1 cut equals 2 pieces.(that way both sides match) Then glue in place before resin. Thats what I'm gonna do for all of the finer details on my armor.
Zaso117 said:
Here's what Major pain gave me. Hope it works.
Check out this thread
Oh and for the detail, you could always do something like Darth Caliber's for sale sign method. It's working great for me.

Where can i get that?
and does it fit Flying Squirrels model?


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